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international school award

The British Council’s International School Award recognises and celebrates Gordon’s School's commitment to International Relations. This globally recognised accreditation helps us enrich learning, improve our teaching and enables us to successfully embed international relations into the curriculum. At Gordon’s School we actively promote international education and recognise its importance across all aspects of the curriculum. The International School Award offers a global support network to staff and enables our students to become culturally aware and responsible for their actions. International education ensures Gordon’s students become global citizens and are ready to effectively participate in a multicultural world, serving others locally, nationally and internationally.

Our partnership schools include:

Khartoum International Community School (Sudan)

Lise-Meitner Gymnasium (Germany)



Collège André Malraux (France)


St Patrick's English School  (San Sebastian – Spain)


For more information about the International School Award, including our international education and guidance in completing the award, contact Anna Hutchings (International Coordinator):

For more information on the International School Award please click here