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As a state boarding school we do not have the historic endowment of many independent schools nor the substantial alumni base that is able to financially support the school. Instead, we need to work with the school and wider community to identify opportunities for fundraising, applying to appropriate trusts and foundations for specific grants as well as providing bursaries to individual necessitous students who would not otherwise be able to benefit from a Gordon’s education.

For example, in recent years we have been grateful for the support of the Wolfson Foundation for their £20k grant to update facilities in the DT workshop and to the Worshipful Company of Girdlers for their annual grant for bursaries, to ButtleUK, RNCF, Reedham Trust, ABF and others, for their support to individual students. We were delighted by the successes of the 2020 campaign to raise funds to equip the new Sports Hall, the 2016 campaign to raise funds for a new grand piano in the Recreation Hall, thereby improving opportunities for our talented musicians, and the 2014 campaign to fundraise to restore our iconic statue of General Gordon astride his camel.

There are many ways you can help us raise money which include:

  • The 1885 Bursary Fund - help necessitous (a phrase used by General Gordon) students access the outstanding pastoral care and education provided at Gordon’s
  • The 1885 Legacy Society - leave a legacy to Gordon's and know that your name and support for the school will be enduring 

If you would like to make a donation to Gordon’s School now, please click below:

We are always grateful for donations received. If you would like to discuss a donation that you are planning to make, would like more information or to discuss possible opportunities for fundraising at Gordon’s do contact me, Jemma Moreau, Development Director of The Gordon Foundation, or telephone 01276 859704.