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Sixth Form Life

Gordon’s Sixth Form offers independent learning within the framework of a supportive structure. We believe in all our students and staff aiming to be the best versions of themselves. This ethos incorporates a focus on excellent A-Level results but more than that, nurturing: curiosity, interest and achievement beyond the A-Level curriculum.




We achieve this through our outstanding co-curricular programme. Apart from a range of academic co-curricular options such as Chemistry Olympiad, Preparation for Medical School, Further Biology and STEP maths classes, our academic Good to Great programme offers students opportunities to take part in; Model United Nations, Debating, LAMDA (Public Speaking); as well as an Independent research project (Extended Project Qualification) where students independently research and produce a project in a field they are passionate about. We believe in our students leaving Sixth Form well prepared for post–18 life. We therefore offer an Open Study programme where all Sixth Form students become first aid qualified, learn to cook for university, learn about life skills such as finance, and are taught the basics of politics so they are ready for their right to vote. In addition, courses such as TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language)  provide our Sixth Form students with an extended skill set, which can support them after Sixth Form.

Gordon’s Sixth Form students have private study rooms within their houses, access to free hot drinks at break times, and a bespoke Sixth Form centre, which is their own space with a popular common room, a courtyard and a garden where they have the freedom to socialise or study. Click here for further information and application forms.


Life in the Sixth Form - a Student's view

As an eight-year old, driving past Gordon’s School every day to get to my primary school, the only thing I knew about Gordon’s was that its patron is Her Majesty, The Queen. Imagine the awe and admiration I’ve had for Gordon’s ever since finding that out! Surely it must be a spectacular school, with children the epitome of etiquette and staff the most flawless of beings. Organisation, discipline, inflexibility, rules. I was sure Gordon’s had them all. It was quite a daunting prospect, to go to such a very proper institution of learning in the future!

I started studying for my A Levels at Gordon’s School this year, and the reality is very different to my imagination. Is there an emphasis on punctuality? Certainly, because it’s a very important aspect of both school and work life. Is discipline important? Without a doubt, since nothing would ever get done if it wasn’t. But is this school the terrifyingly perfect place I thought it was? Surprisingly, it’s not. Unlike my imaginings, if you’re lost here, you can ask for directions without being snapped at. If you’re a few minutes late in the first week because you got lost, you won’t get an email home straight away. If you’re hot you are actually allowed to take your blazer off! (Though you have to carry it with you…!).

In short, the people here are friendly, polite, understanding, and as helpful as they can possibly be. We’re all human and there are mistakes made all round (such as an English class running over time because we were reading a beautiful speech, or myself forgetting my next class and walking back and forth across the school to finally get there) but what matters is we learn from them – and we don’t get steeped in trouble while learning!

By Divya Balashanker (Year 12)