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Beyond the Classroom

The curriculum model at Gordon’s School comprises a strong academic focus at its core and several layers of opportunities around this core for students to extend themselves beyond the pure academic provision. This is achieved through the +1 Supplementary options, the Super Curriculum and co-curricular opportunities.

The Super Curriculum develops students’ ambition and independence  by encouraging participation in a range of national competitions.

Liberal Arts is a programme which extends the students’ ability to think critically, to analyse information and construct effective arguments comprising of modules such as Politics, Critical Thinking & Ethics.

The Co- curricular programme adds further to this model by enabling students to choose team sports, or Academic pursuits such as Young Enterprise, Debating and Model United Nations to polish an already impressive portfolio of subjects and skills.  This layered curriculum model extends and broadens the students’ portfolio, making them more skilled, prepared for life and more competitive when it comes to university applications and employment.