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CCF Training - March 2016

During the spring term the main emphasis of training for all CCF Cadets has been the basic training syllabus specific to their branch of service. Training carried out by the Sections is as follows:


The Navy Section has conducted swimming tests, waterman ship and kayak training in the school swimming pool. All Navy Cadets have been trained to handle and have fired the N08 rifle.


The Army Section has focused on weapon handling training. Instruction was given by the Cadet Training Team from the Regular Army on our CCF Field training day in January. Most Cadets have now passed their weapon handling introduction and have fired the N08 rifle. Other training includes command tasks, navigation, signals, field craft and patrolling skills, in preparation for our field training exercises and CCF camp this summer.


During the term all RAF Section Cadets have been working on part one of their basic training syllabus and have all shot the No8 rifle. Eight Cadets have completed their first air experience flight at RAF Benson and further flying days are planned for next term. Three members of the Section have been nominated for RAF flying scholarships. Ryan Laing, Daniel Farrow and Henry Evans


Throughout the term 12 Senior Cadets completed a method of instruction Cadre run by the Cadet Training team from the Regular Army. During the Cadre the students have to plan and prepare lessons from the Cadet training syllabus which they must then teach to other Cadets.
Congratulations to all the Cadets listed below who participated and passed the course. They are now eligible for promotion to the Rank of Cadet Corporal.
Poppy Colloff                                          Daniel Khan
James Forster Knight                           Ryan King
Henry Frith                                               Luke Oakes
Lexi Genetay                                           Josh Papworth
David Hutchings                                     Thomas Torrington
Jake Hurley                                              Gemma Wood
  • CCF Flying Day Mar 2016

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    CCF Flying Day Mar 2016
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