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software guides for students

School software tutorials

To help you learn about the key software used at the school a series of short videos have been created. It is a good idea to pause the video to allow you to follow the steps whilst watching.

Student Portal Overview

A general overview of Bromcom for students

Student Portal!

How to access important  websites

Learn about the main software used by the School and how to access them via the Student Portal

Firefly – Timetables, prep, school information


Explains how to log on to Firefly, along with an overview of the key features.

Finding prep details

Learn how to find prep your teachers have set for you.

Completing prep tasks

Shows how to find the detailed information about prep set, and how to complete it ready for your teacher to review.

Microsoft Outlook – Email

How to send an email

Learn how to use Microsoft Outlook to send an email

Download files

How to document items attached to an email

Replying to an email

Explains how to reply to an email you have received

Attach files

How to attach files an email you are sending

Microsoft Teams – Classwork

How to open Teams

Explains how to open Teams and find classwork assignments.

Microsoft OneNote – Classwork and notetaking

How to open OneNote

Explains how to open OneNote and find notebooks.

Read notes in OneNote

Learn how to use the accessibility features of OneNote to help read material presented.

Create notes in OneNote

Learn how to create your own notes in OneNote, using the software to store text, files, images and other information.

Microsoft OneDrive – files

Create folders in OneDrive

Explains how to create folders in OneDrive to help organise your files

Office Lens

Learn how to upload images from Office Lens on a phone direct to OneDrive


How to print

Learn how to print to the School printers

Need help with your tablet?

If you are having a technical issue with your tablet please contact the IT Helpdesk. Where possible email the Helpdesk following instructions below. If you cannot email, please visit the IT support team.

1. Send an email to

2. In the Subject field, provide a brief summary of the issue you are experiencing.

3. In the body of the email, provide a detailed description of the issue you are experiencing. Include what you are trying to do, software used, and steps taken before experiencing the problem. Be sure to include any error messages.

4. Attach screenshots to show the issue where possible, as these can be very helpful.

5. Finally, make sure you include the name of your House.