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Student societies offer a diverse collection of groups and organisations ranging from sports teams to hobby organisations to political and environmental groups. 
Societies differ from normal clubs in that they are student rather than staff led. 

At Gordon’s School we promote a ‘Can I?’ culture, whereby we actively encourage students to set up their own societies, putting their time to good use. Societies are successful depending on the enthusiasms of the students involved, therefore some societies may come and go with time. We encourage students to take responsibility for their actions and commit to their projects. 

Reports, including the Sudan Partnership Society, ID+ and the Wellbeing Society are provided to the termly Boarders Council Meetings and in turn, discussed at the Student Governor Meetings.

Active societies currently include; the Sudan Partnership Society, ID+, Wellbeing and Eco Society, MUN and Dungeons and Dragons!

This year we hope to have an active Human Rights and Fair Trade Society, all of which will report to the Boarders Council. 

Please email Miss Hutchings for further details


ID+ promote and create an inclusive community founded on acceptance for all. They raise awareness of inclusion and diversity and provide a safe space for these issues to be raised and then assess ways that we can combat prejudice and inform other students of the challenges some people face. The student-led action group lead assemblies, PSHE lessons and organise whole school events and initiatives. They look at subjects such as mental health, racism, bullying, disability awareness, LGBT+ inclusion and welfare and other topics linked with inclusion, diversity and identity.

The ID+ ambassadors led PRIDE week in 2017 and are running an Inclusion and Diversity week in February 2019, as well as playing a vital role in Anti-Bullying week in November. The society have organised a memorable colour run as part of PRIDE week and will be organising and hosting this again in 2019. Other initiatives include cake sales and fundraising.

Any student from Gordon’s is welcome to join ID+ who meet in the Training Room every Thursday at 1pm.

As recognition for their hard work they received a Pioneers Award from the charity Educate and Celebrate and are now looking at other awards linked with inclusion they might be able to gain along with supporting the school with the anti-bullying charter. 

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The Sudan Partnership Society 

As Gordon’s School established its partnership with the Khartoum International Community School (KICS) in 2017-18, in Khartoum, Sudan some our students started to ask if they could help people less fortunate than themselves living around the world. Their natural direction of focus was on Sudan and a student came forward with a proposal to help the existing charity the Women’s Education Partnership. This student-led society was a great success during 2017-18, as the Sudan Partnership Society organised their very first Christmas Market stall and successfully raised money by selling mistletoe and other goods. This money was used to buy English Grammar books that were taken to Khartoum in March 2018. The Society created and presented a series of assemblies last year which highlighted the plight of many Sudanese individuals and raised awareness of human rights.

The Sudan Partnership Society is currently looking for students to help with their next campaign and hope to continue to support the Women’s Education Partnership, by raising awareness, fundraising and organising resource collections. They will work with IB students at KICS in order to run their campaign successfully.

During 2018-19 the Society has plans to raise awareness of Kids for Kids.

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Kids For Kids

Wellbeing Society 

In 2018 the Wellbeing Society was established as a group of KS3 students completed their 2 hours of external training with Eikon, in order to become Level 2 Wellbeing Ambassadors. This is a peer-led initiative and since the completion of their training, the ambassadors have helped Gordon’s School to achieve their Silver Surrey Healthy Schools Award. The students created and presented a week of assemblies in order to promote the 5 steps to wellbeing and also ran a pop up compliments cards stall in June, to raise awareness of ‘Feeling Good Week’.

The Wellbeing Ambassadors have exciting plans for 2018-19 as they plan to launch a ‘Feelings Box’ to help the wider student community to communicate their concerns, thoughts and feelings. They will be working with the school counsellors and nurses to roll out this initiate. The Wellbeing Ambassadors wish to work with the pastoral team in creating a monthly wellbeing bulletin that will be communicated to students via email. 



Eco Society 

In a bid to ensure Gordon’s goes Green, our Eco Society comprises a group of Eco Ambassadors who have a keen interest in environmental issues. This year the newly established Society will be working towards the Silver Eco-Schools Award. Eco–Schools is a global programme engaging millions of children across 64 different countries, making it the largest environmental schools programme in the world. The award requires the Eco Ambassadors to take action around ten topics:

  1. Marine
  2. Biodiversity
  3. Energy
  4. Litter
  5. Global
  6. Water 
  7. Healthy Living
  8. School grounds
  9. Transport
  10. Waste

Please email Mrs Rentall for more information-