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Student societies offer a diverse collection of groups and organisations ranging from sports teams to hobby enthusiasts to political and environmental groups. 
Societies differ from normal clubs in that they are student rather than staff led. 

At Gordon’s School we promote a ‘Can I?’ culture, whereby we actively encourage students to set up their own societies, putting their time to good use. Societies are successful depending on the enthusiasms of the students involved, therefore some societies may come and go with time. We encourage students to take responsibility for their actions and commit to their projects. 

Reports, including the Sudan Partnership Society, ID+ and the Wellbeing Society are provided to the termly Boarders' Council Meetings and in turn, discussed at the Student Governor Meetings.

Active societies currently include; the Sudan Partnership Society, ID+, Music, Wellbeing and Eco Society.

This year we hope to have an active Human Rights and Fair Trade Society, all of which will report to the Boarders' Council. 

Please email Jamie Harrison ( or Kat Moore ( for further details.