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sixth form scholarships (Entry September 2019)

Up to twelve places (six residential and six day places) will be awarded for sports, visual arts or performing arts aptitude


Sport Scholarships are offered to students demonstrating excellence and potential in their nominated sports. Students follow a carefully balanced multi-sport programme and this is reflected in the scholarship process. Sports Scholars at Gordon’s School will be a part of the Good to Great programme which aims to enhance the development of athletes potential through a programme designed specifically for the individual.

Please click here to submit a Sports Scholarship application form.



Creative Arts Scholarship is offered to a student who demonstrates outstanding ability in either music, drama or art. The successful student will join the Good to Great programme, a carefully balanced programme that ensures students get the ‘balance’ needed to remain successful in their academic studies whilst being able to enjoy the wider opportunities that the Good to Great programme offers outside of the curriculum.

Please click here to submit an Arts Scholarship application form.

Deadline for Applications: Monday 18th February 2019
Date of Assessment: Monday 4th March 2019