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medicine/dentistry/veterinary science

The aim of this programme is to aid the students as they prepare for applications for Medicine, Veterinary Sciences or Dentistry. The preparation process involves practising and training for the challenging tests involved with applications, such as BMAT and UKCAT, and will be delivered as teacher led sessions as a part of the co-curricular provision. Alongside this, we hold discussion groups to broaden students’ knowledge and understanding of the key matters involved, for example, ethics, financial considerations and current affairs. Students who are dedicated will demonstrate continuous reading of newspaper articles and relevant journals, such as the student BMJ. In addition, they will be motivated to broaden their subject knowledge beyond the syllabus in their science subjects by reading and reflecting on areas of interest.

For both pathways:

  • During terms 1 and 2 of Year 12, students are briefed on the requirements for Oxbridge and Medicine and discussion sessions begin around extra reading. Visiting speakers form an important part of the programme and students are encouraged to attend the many Oxford and Cambridge Study Days in the spring term and the University Open Days in July. Application for the Eton Summer School and other university summer schools is also encouraged. Heads of Department play an important role in identifying and supporting the potential candidates academically.
  • From June of Year 12, students are given support and guidance with their personal statements and help with completing the UCAS form to meet the early deadline of October 15th. A rigorous schedule of test preparation and practice interviews, with a variety of interviewers both from Gordon’s and from outside (including an Oxford Interview workshop) ensures candidates are well prepared for this part of the process. Recently, we have linked up with Wellington College and other schools to broaden interview provision.
  • Students are also offered a weekly Period 7 session in Year 12 and 13 to assist in preparation for applications and the world of medicine/veterinary science.