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honours Programme

The Gordon’s Honours Programme seeks to promote and capture good character, rewarding hard work, good behaviour and the voluntary involvement of students in going the extra mile and giving more than is expected through four distinct aspects: House, subjects, co-curricular and whole-school.

Gordon’s already recognises and rewards outstanding achievement in high profile areas: excellence on the sports field, in music and in drama to name but a few. Our Honours Programme is an opportunity to recognise that in life, effort is as important, if not more important, than talent. It acknowledges that those who truly inspire are those who succeed because they have enthusiastically persevered, have kept their promises and have worn their success lightly.

The programme will help students develop personal responsibility and be able to exercise it in worthwhile ways, to be rounded individuals, and fine examples of the character qualities we seek to nurture in all of our students regardless of talent.

The core purpose of the programme is:

  • To recognise and reward all those who exemplify the school’s character qualities of courtesy, integrity, diligence, enthusiasm and resilience;
  • To recognise and reward all those who volunteer to give back to others and the community at large.

For more information please contact the programme co-ordinator Miss Anna Hutchings -

How it works

The Honours Programme is applicable to all students.

Key Stage 3 students accumulate ‘stamps’ (in their diary) for their participation and service across the school, including academic success. Students gaining three or more pages of stamps will achieve an Academic Achievement Certificate (awarded during the end of term assemblies).

Key Stage 4 students are recognised by their average effort grade, as well as their participation in House or School, and their demonstration of Character, or attitude to school.

Key Stage 5 are rewarded for the hours of volunteering and service they provide both in and out of school and students achieving more than 20 hours of volunteering will be recognised by the Honours Programme.  


Bronze Year 7 Badge Parade Stripe Top scorer
Silver Year 8-9 Badge Tie & Stripe Top scorer per year
Gold Year 10-11 Badge Tie & Stripe Top scorer per year
Platinum Year 12-13 Badge Certificate & Amazon voucher * Top scorer
*  Students gaining their Platinum Full Honours are eligible to apply for the Head Teacher’s Grant.