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character education

"Outstanding grades are unlikely to take you that far in the real world if you do not have the confidence to try new and difficult things and the strength of character to learn and grow from failure"

Dr Julian Murphy

Character education is an integral part of the school’s vision to be amongst the finest schools in the world and to provide a thorough preparation for life that ensures our students are the best they can be.

A Gordon's education has always gone beyond the set curriculum and we are rather proud of that.

The key to success in life is attitude, not knowledge or skills alone. Ultimately, it is one’s character and application that counts most. Good character lies at the heart of personal success and also whether young people develop into socially responsible adults who will make the right choices in life, uphold moral standards, serve their communities and pursue healthy lifestyles.

Good character requires  a growth mindset: the ambition to want to be better still, the self-discipline to earn success through hard work and, most importantly, the humility to appreciate oneself in proper measure and work well with other people.

Emotional well-being provides schools with the greatest modern challenge. Sadly, it is increasingly common for young people to compare themselves, often negatively, with others and be overly influenced by social media. Our aim is to strengthen all aspects of character by articulating and openly cultivating character education as a means of improving students’ long-term wellbeing, success and sense of personal and social responsibility. 

Our character qualities, below, are not values but behaviours that we expect from students and staff, every day. These behaviours directly support British values of individual liberty, mutual respect, tolerance, rule of law and democracy.