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Good mental-health is every bit as important as good physical-health. The new Boarding Aims below have been adopted from the NHS pathways to good mental-health and each aim is designed to promote and develop well-being and mental strength and resilience.

We recognise that students returning to school in the Autumn Term have many questions, concerns and worries. Understanding and accepting the current situation along with reflecting on individual's experiences over the last 6 months is important and students need help and support from the pastoral teams to do this.

Heads of Houses have been trained to support the mental-health issues associated with students returning to school. Heads of Houses are delivering a mental-health and well-being programme to students that has been specifically designed to help them come to terms with the pandemic and strengthen their mental-health and resilience to face the challenges ahead.

Heads of Houses continue to support individual students on Welfare Plans where necessary, and are also able to refer students for individualised support from either Mr Cherry or Mrs Beecham as appropriate. We have made more counselling slots available to more students who are able to self-refer in the normal way or who may ask their Head of House to arrange an appointment. Mid to long term counselling is also available at a small cost to parents.

Students also follow a revised PSHE programme focusing on well-being on the return to school and coping with the on-going pandemic, while the assembly programme also provides support and guidance to students on keeping themselves safe and well.