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Training & Enterprise

ILM Level 2 – Award for Young Leaders

Student leadership

The ILM Level 2 Award for Young Leaders is targeted at our aspiring leaders in Year 10 and 11, providing them with an opportunity to become actively engaged in structured learning within the Arete partnership schools.

The aim of the award is for our aspiring leaders to develop a range of skills and aptitudes in leadership, self-management and mentoring, as well as an appreciation of the benefits that can be gained through volunteering and becoming active leaders. 

Students benefit from a nationally recognised qualification and the course units encourage the aspiring leaders to become self-motivated, accountable active citizens. 

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Professional Development Pathways (PDP) with the Arete Partnership


The aim of the staff development pathways is twofold:

•             To provide staff with targeted opportunities to develop professionally;

•             To encourage sharing of good practice within the department, school and wider community of school.


Staff development pathways signify and articulate the school’s commitment to a clear and improving offer of career and professional development for all. Whilst non-remunerated, completing a pathway demonstrates a commitment to professional growth. At whatever career point, staff development pathways seek to be appropriate to an individual’s skills, knowledge, and aspiration. Designed to be self-selecting rather than pre-determined, staff are encouraged to move between pathways as required.



There are three pathways open to all based on their personal circumstances and ambition for the future. Each pathway offers an opportunity for accreditation:


Advanced Skills Teacher (AST)

Teachers interested in leading and championing pedagogy. Colleagues are able to achieve the C-Teach accreditation through the Chartered College of Teaching (please click here for more information).


Aspiring middle leaders (AML)

Open to all including RQTs. This route offers the potential to achieve the ILM Level 3 Award in Leadership and Management (please click here for more information). 


Aspiring senior leaders (ASL)

Open to all teachers are currently middle leaders or who have completed ILM 3. This route offers the potential to achieve the ILM Level 5 Award in Leadership and Management (please click here for more information).




Project title Lead
How can we develop the transition from KS3 to KS4 in terms of linguistic skills in MFL? Sam Amos
What is effective self and peer assessment in a "subjective" Department? Hannah Cotton
How can we develop the transition from KS3 to KS4 in terms of analytical writing skills? Annabel Daniels
What is the impact of formative assessment? Lauran Hampshire-Dell
How can we develop problem solving at KS3? Prablheen Kaur
What is the relationship between gender, personality and enjoyment in D.T.? Katie Klavenes
How far can the use of GIS improve Geography skills? Joanna Thompson
What is the impact of Cornell note-taking? Kelly Fairweather
Is the Harkness approach key to developing independence at KS5? Susannah Hughes
Which intervention strategy has the most impact and which has the least? Simon Matthews
What is the best strategy for promoting student well-being? Kathryn Moore
What factors contribute to student non-attendance? Jamie Sinclair
How can we promote independent learning through effective study skills? Anna Leonce