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The 1885 Bursary Fund

'A Life-Changing Education'

The ‘Gift of Education’, as provided by the Gordon's Bursary Fund, aims to provide opportunities to transform lives and raise aspirations. Any donation we receive from you will go directly to help children who need the academic rigour and pastoral support that Gordon’s offer, as a state boarding school. It is our pledge to you that your generosity will be used solely for this charitable purpose. Our core objective is to enrich young people’s lives by offering life changing opportunities through a great education and exceptional pastoral care.

In tandem with traditional support for parental requests for funding, we are committed to a proactive approach in utilising our Awards Fund to positively impact necessitous children. Actively seeking opportunities to transform lives and provide support via external trust, grants and partnerships. 

Why is there a need for a Bursary Campaign?

The Gordon Foundation does not have major endowed funds to call upon. Meanwhile, as a state boarding school, we receive a high demand for financial assistance each year. Sadly, we are unable to help all eligible children to the extent we would like, and if a network of support is not established, Gordon’s risks not being able help those students who need our support. We now look to our wider community and ask you to help Gordon’s preserve its rich academic and philanthropic tradition by supporting the disadvantaged.

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The 1885 Bursary Fund Booklet

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