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Bienvenido al departamento de Español

Spanish is a popular choice as students have the opportunity to begin with no previous knowledge and progressively develop their skills in listening, reading, writing and speaking; covering topics, which describe themselves, their family and their surroundings. Grammar is a focus throughout and students are encouraged to use this understanding to produce language that is more coherent. With the new KS4 syllabus, students are becoming more independent and spontaneous with their language skills. In addition, KS4 and 5 Spanish students develop cultural understanding with a focus on Hispanic countries and the differences from their own culture. There is also a cultural visit for KS4 to Barcelona, which is being delivered though a hands on culinary approach, new for 2017. Students who are: passionate about languages, hardworking and willing to step outside of their comfort zone can truly gain a sense of achievement and become successful with their Spanish here at Gordon’s.