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School Uniform


Responsibility for provision of clothing rests with parents, with the exception of ceremonial dress (known as “Blues”) which is supplied by the school (see below).


All items of school uniform are available from Valentino’s. However, items that are not particular to the School may be obtained from any source provided that the style, colour and material content matches the description on the clothing list. Normal day wear is the blazer with the lightweight v-necked pullover worn underneath if required. Boys wear mid-grey trousers. Girls wear mid-grey skirts, which must be at least knee length.

 All clothing and other items MUST BE MARKED with the student's name and initials, using an embroidered sewn-in label (for clothing items) or other permanent marking as appropriate.


Valentino’s, 23-29 Broadway, Knaphill, Woking, Surrey, GU21 2DR
Telephone: 01483 473357 or 01483 475051

The average time required to fit a new student for their uniform is one hour. The most efficient method is by appointment. Parents are strongly encouraged to telephone the school suppliers, Valentino’s, as soon as possible to book an appointment which suits them.


From September 2019, all KS3 students will continue to wear sports kit from Valentino's.
From September 2019, all KS4 & KS5 students will wear sports kit supplied by Tyler's through our online webshop.
From September 2020, all students in all years will wear the new sports kit supplied online by Tyler's, or may wear extant kit while it still fits.

House HoodIE

Each House has a different coloured hoodie that students can wear for Inter-House competitions. These garments are not a compulsory purchase and parents are under no obligation to order one. However, if you would like to, please click on the webshop link below.


The School supplies and maintains the full ceremonial uniform to each student, which comprises the following:

  • 1 pair Gordon Tartan Trews or Kilt
  • 1 Blue Tunic
  • 1 Glengarry or Tam o'Shanter
  • 1 pair of red flashes (for use with ‘piper’s green’ socks which parents are to buy for girls from Valentino’s)

The ceremonial uniform will be issued once a student starts at Gordon's, regular swaps can be made to make sure the uniform fits correctly. These will be made via the 'Swap Shops', dates for which are communicated through the Friday schoolcomms messages.

Those students who are members of the Band are supplied with all Band Highland Uniform and accoutrements.

NOTE: Alterations to ceremonial uniform remain the sole responsibility of the school and are NOT to be undertaken by any other agency.


Second hand clothes sales are organised by the parent association - the GSPA. Their website is and carries information on the dates of the clothes sales planned.


Gordon’s School has an outstanding reputation for high standards and expectations. This also applies to school uniform. Students are expected to adhere to these standards and school uniform is to be worn during normal school hours and during prep. Please see policy at the bottom of the page for further details.


Items of lost property may be reclaimed from the School Office. Items of sports kit should be reclaimed from the PE Office.