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Sandringham House


Sandringham is run as an inclusive House where a strong sense of identity and family values are encouraged. It is managed by expectations rather than written rule structures and encourages younger boys to behave in a more mature way rather than the older boys living in a younger environment.

We don’t do video games – we talk to each other and do things. Please leave iPads and games at home. You won’t need them here. Sandringham Boys are busy and social. The television is barely on, you’ll hear music being played in the evenings or be on the Astro or the Front Field with your friends playing hockey, football or frisbee. There are half-termly evenings out for year groups and weekend trips to Camden, The South Bank or Manhunt on the Heath. It’s a House where your friends at eleven will be your friends for life.

Houseparent contact details

Houseparents: Mr and Mrs Webb
Office Tel: 01276 859724
House Mobile: 07826 867985
Address: Sandringham House, Gordon's School, West End, Woking, Surrey GU24 9PT

house staff

Deputy Head of House: Mr J Harrison
House Tutor: Mr G Knight
Pastoral Tutor: Mr G Standen
Associate House Tutors: Miss K Fairweather and Ms J Matheson
House Assistant: Miss A Redick

student positions of responsibility

Head of House: Adam Grainger
Student Governor: Ed Jeffery 

House Captain: Amit Khatri
House Sergeant: Jack Eastman
Drill Sergeant: Will Lewis

Inter-House Captain:  Artur Bierande
Senior House Prefects: Max Beken, Tom Mackie, Ed Lee, Morris Denning, Adam Grainger
Junior Prefects: Jay Hollis, Avaya Thapa

Anti-bullying Ambassadors:
Year 8:
Max Eastman
Year 9: Owen Habbershaw
Year 10: Matthew Carter