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Remote Learning

Student Home Learning

  1. If you are at home learning, it is important that you check your Firefly messages every morning in case of important lesson information.
  2. If you are at home, you will be taught live, via Teams. Firstly, open Teams on your school device. Contact the if you are having difficulties with this.
  3. Once the app is open, you should be able to see all of your classes under ‘Teams.’ E.g. 2021-9H-Hi is a Year 9 history lesson. 2021-9H-Sp is a Spanish lesson.
  4. If you click on your calendar (left hand tab) your lessons will be populated by your teachers where they have scheduled an online lesson for you. Check your own timetable on Firefly if you are unsure what times your lessons are at.
  5. At the correct time of the lesson, click on the lesson and then ‘join’. If for some reason, you do not have the scheduled lesson appearing on your calendar, message your teacher directly on Teams within the first 5 minutes of the lesson to alert them that you are stuck.
  6. Your teacher will let you into the lesson once you have clicked ‘join.’ Do not wait for a phone call, it is your responsibility to ‘join’ the lesson.
  7. Ensure your mic is muted and only unmuted if you have a question. You can communicate with your teacher through the chat box which works as an instant messenger. Please do this only when essential as your teacher will also be teaching the class.
  8. Your teacher will ask you to download any lesson resources from Firefly or through the chat on Teams. This is important as your sight of the board may not always be great so the PowerPoint alongside will help.
  9. Only use the chat to communicate with the teacher and do not set up your own Teams chat with other students. This is not allowed.
  10. Occasionally, the wifi might drop and you may lose connection. In these situations, wait patiently and the connection should restore. If not, leave the meeting and re-join and see if this is any better.