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Post-Sixth Form Resources

For Parents


The following links provide useful information to support your child into Higher Education: 

Please see below useful information to support your child into a Gap Year

For Students

What Makes You Tick?

  • Skills Health Check - complete a short quiz to find out what your strengths are and what might motivate you in work
  • VARK Test - it is important to take into account your learning style when making decisions about employment, education or training. Take this questionnaire to find out how you learn best.

Gap Year

There are a number of gap year organisations in the UK.  We have listed a small selection below, depending on your particular interest. 

Spend your gap year learning a language. Choose from 22 languages in over 200 destinations in the world.

Outdoor Activities/Sport

  • Ski le Gap - ski Instructor Training in Canada
  • PGL - outdoor Activities Instructing in the UK and abroad
  • Projects Abroad - improve your skills in a range of sports and pass on your knowledge and passion to children in the developing world
  • Best Gap Year - information and links for a range of sport related gap year opportunities

Subject related

  • The Global Adventure Safaris - Volunteer for medical placements in Tanzania and have a unique opportunity to learn about the culture, people and language of the country while gaining hospital work experience.
  • Gap Medics - overseas hospital work experience for budding doctors, nurses, midwives and dentists
  • YINI - short and long term placements for students interested in science, engineering, IT, business, marketing, finance and logistics

Work with Animals

  • PoD - offering 1 week to 6 month placements available around the world
  • Smaller Earth - lion rehabilitation in Zimbabwe

Work with Children/Teaching

  • PoD - offering one week to sixth month placements available around the world
  • Smaller Earth - work as an au pair in China or Spain
  • PGL - outdoor activities Instructing in the UK and abroad


Paid Work


Student Finance

What University? What Course?

  • UK Coursefinder - a ten minute questionnaire to help you decide on a degree course
  • What Uni - a website to help you search for courses, course reviews and it also allows you to compare your shortlist of options
  • Bestcourse4me - allows you to see the likely lifetime earnings after following a particular degree path, amongst other things

Information for Oxbridge Candidates


Many universities and colleges offer their own scholarships and bursaries but these are very oversubscribed. So it’s worthwhile thinking outside the box.