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BPhO Senior Olympiad 

British Physics Olympiad Round 1 success - King's College School

Open to Year 12s, this competition provides students with the opportunity to enter BPhO National Physics problem-solving competitions. This will run in January 2024. More information can be found:

BPhO Intermediate Olympiad 

Year 11s can also take part in an Olympiad. It consists of two half-hour sets of multiple choice questions which are largely about physics ideas, but also encouraging some wider reading and interest in the subject. It is an opportunity for students to take part in a national physics competition and to develop their confidence in the subject.

This will be at the end of January 2024. More information can be  found:

Energy resources Competition 

 An internally run competition, our Year 9s take part in a research project looking at sustainability. This occurs throughout March and judging takes place in April.