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Welcome to our Performances page.  Here you can find examples of performances given by our students from KS3 to A Level. 

For GCSE and A Level performances we have given an indication of exam grade for guidance. You can also find here the links to the marking criteria for GCSE and A Level performances.  There is also a power point for GCSE students advising on how to get the best marks at GCSE performance.

 Solo Performances - GCSE

Trumpet  A*               Piano  A*            Keyboard  A         Trombone  B         Piano  C

Ensemble Performances

Piano  A*          Electric guitar duet  A        Piano  C

Assessment criteric for GCSE performance:  Click Here

Support Documentation

GCSE Performance - How to Get an A* 

Year 13 Recitals

As part of the A2 course requirement for Edexcel music, students are required to present a 12-15 minute recital of music.

The following two recordings are completed recitals by Rebecca Lomax (voice) and Tayla Pilgrim (flute). Both students had prepared thoroughly with the help of their instrumental teachers and can look forward to achieving the highest grade in the summer.