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Boarding Statement of intent

Our aim is to develop rounded world-class, world citizens with the character, capabilities and confident humility to achieve well, to stay active, to appreciate what they have and to connect and give back to the communities in which they live and work. Such students lead happier lives.

boarding aims

a non-selective Boarding School

Gordon’s combines 'outstanding' boarding provision alongside some of the very best education in the country. Consistently in the top 1% of schools in England and Wales for academic achievement, Gordon's offers a first-rate education coupled with the very best pastoral care and co-curricular activity programme. At Gordon's the combination of the excellent state-funded education and a stable, nurturing and caring boarding community enables students to make the most of their talents and abilities. Boarding is rated 'Outstanding' by Ofsted, please see bottom of page for the latest Ofsted Boarding Inspection Report.

The Pastoral System

Pastoral care at Gordon’s is provided by a dedicated, highly skilled and experienced team of staff. Each student is allocated to a House – there are five Residential Houses and six Day Houses. Each Residential House is led by resident Houseparents assisted by a House Assistant, House Tutors and Graduate Tutors, whilst Day Houses are led by a Head of House, a House Assistant and a team of Tutors. Houseparents and Heads of Houses are responsible for safeguarding and promoting the welfare of their students and for monitoring their academic and personal development. The Houses are the centre of a student’s life within the school and are instrumental in fostering a sense of community at Gordon’s. Students tell us that they enjoy socialising and participating in House activities, particularly the annual Inter-House competitions. Parents are encouraged to maintain close links with their child’s Houseparents and can contact them directly at any time.

Residential Boarders

Accommodation for Residential Boarders is provided in five separate Houses, each with its own individual family atmosphere. There are two boys' Houses, two girls' Houses, and one Year 7 only House to help younger students adapt to boarding and benefit from more age-appropriate pastoral care and support. Each House is led by resident Houseparents assisted by House Tutors. Extensive recreational activities contribute to creating a thriving, caring and friendly atmosphere and there are always a wide range of activities on offer in the evenings and at weekends including theatre trips, outings and a great deal of sport.

Day Boarders

At Gordon’s, the lives of Day Boarders and Residential Boarders are inextricably linked. All students take part in our extended day which comprises an activities programme which runs from 3.55pm to 4.55pm and Saturday morning activities. Day Boarders can eat their evening meal in school followed by supervised prep from 6.00pm to 7.30pm – a resource which is invaluable in supporting students’ academic progress. 

CHAPEL Schedule autumn 2022 
Date Topic

The Ten Commandments – A Guide for living well

Week 1 

Introduction to the Big Ten (Exodus 20: 1, 3-17)

Week 2 

Don’t covet other people’s possessions or lives (21st UN Peace Day)

Week 3 

Don’t lie (26 September - Rosh Hashanah Jewish Festival)

Week 4

Don’t steal (5 October - Yom Kippur Jewish Festival)

Week 5  Don’t commit adultery
Week 6 

Don’t murder

Week 7 

Half Term (24 October - Diwali/Deepavali Hindu Festival)

Week 8 

Honour your father and mother (1 November: All Saints' Day)

Week 9 

Keep the Sabbath day of rest

Week 10 

Do not misuse the name of God

Week 11

Don’t make idols (27 November: Advent Sunday)

Week 12 Make no other gods
Week 13 Christmas! The events around the birth of Jesus Christ        
ASSEMBLY Schedule autumn 2022 
Week 1 Behaviour and Academic Expectations
Week 2 Safeguarding
Week 3 Camelthorn Foundation Charity
Week 4 Sexual Harassment 
Week 5 Careers/Work Experience
Week 6 Black History Month
Week 7 Online Safety
Week 8 Online Safety
Week 9 Disability Awareness
Week 10 Co-Curricular
Week 11 Anti-Bullying Week
Week 12 Bounce Don't Break and Mental Resilience
Week 13 Medical Awareness
Week 14 International Human Rights