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PE A Level

A Level Physical Education – AQA Exam Board

It is important for students to have a real interest in learning about, and participating in, Sport and Physical Education. In addition a willingness to explore new ideas and an ability to communicate ideas effectively is vital.

For students who enjoy sporting activities the course will broaden their all-round knowledge of PE.  At the same time it will develop an understanding of the theory behind the subject using student-related techniques.

The course will encourage students to:

  • Build on their experience from Key Stage 4 / GCSE to enhance their knowledge and increase their understanding of the factors that affect performance and participation.
  • Have the opportunity to experience and develop an interest in a variety of roles in sport such as performer, official and/or leader/coach at AS Level with opportunities to specialise in one aspect at A2 Level.
  • Apply appropriate techniques and principles designed to develop an improvement in performance.
  • Understand the physiological effects of exercise on the body, and how physiology can optimise performance in elite athletes.
  • Describe and explain the ways skills are learnt and applied in practice conditions to improve performance.
  • Address current contemporary topics in sport such as the impact in the use of ergogenic aids, technology and increasing commercialisation of sport.
  • Organise and present information, ideas, descriptions and arguments in a clear, logical and appropriate form, taking into account specialist vocabulary.
  • Analyse and explain relationships between the physical and skill determinants of performance with contemporary influences on Physical Education and Sport.
  • Evaluate critically and justify current provision for participation in physical activity in the context of social and cultural issues in the UK.                                   

Advanced Subsidiary (AS)

At AS Level, the specification develops knowledge and skills to help understand the opportunities for, and the effects of, leading a healthy and active lifestyle.

Unit 1 – PHED1:

Opportunities for and the effects of leading a healthy and active lifestyle

60% of AS, 30% of A Level

2 hour written examination

84 marks

Two sections:

Section A – six structured questions

Section B – application of theoretical knowledge to a practical situation

Unit 2 – PHED2

Analysis and evaluation of physical activity as a performer and/or in an adopted role/s

40% of AS, 20% of A Level

Internal assessment with external moderation

100 marks

Advanced Level (A2)

At A2 Level, the specification enables candidates to develop further their understanding of key philosophical concepts, themes, texts and techniques.

Unit 3 – PHED3

Optimising performance and evaluating contemporary issues within sport

30% of A Level

2 hour written examination

84 marks

Three sections:

Section A – How exercise physiology can optimise performance

Section B – How application of psychological knowledge can optimise performance

Section C – Contemporary influences in sport and their impact on the performer

Unit 4 – PHED4

Optimising practical performance in a competitive situation

20% of A Level

Internal assessment with external moderation

120 marks

Candidates perform, analyse and evaluate their own performance, identify areas of performance that they could improve, and suggest causes and appropriate corrective measures.

For more information please see the AQA A Level Specification below.