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Model United Nations

Students can participate in debates and discussions about real issues affecting the world.

From questions such as the ‘question of child soldiers’ to the ‘question on the implementation of driverless cars’, the team are tasked with representing the views of their assigned country. 

Model United Nations (MUN) is an academic simulation activity in which participants assume the role of national ambassadors to debate and seek to solve global issues. To be successful, delegates must have a precise attention to detail when constructing and analysing resolutions, a secure grasp of rhetoric to ensure their country's views are heard and an ability to work collaboratively.

Gordon's is one of only  a handful of  state schools in England to participate in MUN conferences and has a strong record of success at national level having been awarded numerous 'Outstanding Delegate' prizes. Gordon's delegates are continuously striving to expand and improve their skills and always welcome new members to come and join the action. 

Gordon's will be hosting its own MUN Conference in March 2024. Please see Gordon's MUN website for details of the event. 

‚Äč   If you wish to become involved, please contact Miss J Weeks who leads our MUN programme.

Future Events/Competitions

Oct 2023 - Reigate Grammar School

Oct 2023 - Royal Russell 

Check out the students at the conferences here! 


Recent Successes

  • October 2023, Highly Distinguished Delegate: N Teeton, H Gordon, B Muhsen A Shah.

    Highly Commended Delegation: UAE (representatives were Z Hafis, B Muhsen, A Oliver, G Gerrish, H Gordon, R Gurung and H Donaldson-Sinclair at Royal Russell International.

  • October 2023 - Highly Distinguished - H Gordon, Highly Commended - J Goate, B Bailey, H Donaldson-Sinclair, Reigate Grammar School

  • May 2023 - Best Delegate- H Gordon and J Goate, Highly Commended - E Watson, H Donaldson-Sinclair, A Oliver, O Knight, J Taplin, A Torrington, Commended - Y Gurung, B Muhsen, Z Hafis - Royal Hospital School, Ipswich
  • May 2023 - 5 Highly Commended Delegates - N Teeton, I Bowden, S Prasard, G Gerrish, A Reith - and 1 Outstanding Delegate - T Job- at Reigate Grammar Junior MUN
  • March 2023 - Distinguished Delegate at Haileybury - E Watson and Hamish D-S
  • 2023 Highly Commended at Haileybury - H Gordon
  •  Highly Commended at the RGS MUN November 2022 - H Donaldson-Sinclair 
  • An excellent contribution to Royal Russell's 40th MUN, with students thoroughly enjoying the whole four-days.
  • Reigate October 2022 - E Watson, O Knight and A Torrington were highly commended, H Gordon was highly distinguished and H Donaldson-Sinclair won overall best delegate of his committee.  Our USA team also won best delegation. 
  • 2022 Highly Commended Delegation at the Gordon's MUN: H Donaldson-Sinclair, R Hunter, P Green, A Heeney and F Wright.
  • Haileybury MUN March 2022: H Gordon, representing Norway, who won highly commended in the economic and social committee.
  • Royal Russell October 2021: J Cave won distinguished delegate for his participation in the Environment committee representing Norway.
  • Reigate MUN October 2021: H Donaldson-Sinclair represented the UAE and won highly commended delegate; representing France, S Desai won highly commended delegate; H Gordon and B Muhsen both won outstanding delegate representing France and our students then won highly commended delegation for France.
  • 2020 Best Delegation awarded to the USA at NORMAC (Norwich School Model Arctic Council): C Davidson; L Enser; G Keyes; D Khan and P Norman.
  • 2020 Outstanding Delegate awarded to F Wright at Gordon's MUN. 
  • 2019 Highly Commended Delegatation awarded to Russian Federation: Amirah D-A; T Jasani; D Jimee; S Jones; A Milne; A Torrington; N Watson and M Wilson at the Reigate Conference.
  • 2019 Outstanding Delegate awarded to T Jasani at the Reigate Conference.
  • 2019 Highly Commended Delegate awarded to A Deji-Abiola; A Milne and N Watson at the Reigate Conference.
  • 2019 Highly Commended Delegate awarded to T Jasani at the Haileybury conference.
  • 2019 Highly Commended Delegate awarded to A Torrington at the Royal Alexandra and Albert conference.
  • 2018 Highly Commended Delegate awarded to G Keyes at the Royal Russell conference.
  • 2018 Highly Commended Delegate awarded to T Jasani at the Reigate conference.
  • 2018 Highly Commended delegates: D Watson, D Khan and T Fisho at the Haileybury conference.
  • 2018 Outstanding Delegate awarded to T Jasani at the Reigate Conference.
  • 2018 Distinguished Delegates: T Jasani, L Stamford and O  Henderson at the Haileybury conference.
  • 2018 Highly Commended Delegation: T Fisho, A Nunes, H Tulloch, L Coppola and O Henderson at the Haileybury conference.