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Liberal Arts

Liberal Arts is a compulsory interdisciplinary course covering topics ranging from the Arts, Humanities, Social Science and the Sciences. It aims to go beyond the confines of any one subject and encourage students to learn as much as they can about the world around them. The two-year course in Liberal Arts will allow Sixth Form students to consider ethical, moral, political and cultural topics impacting upon the modern world. It will encourage students to consider the historical reasons for current tensions within the world as well as how science can be harnessed to solve current global issues. Throughout the course students will be encouraged to read widely and therefore gain analytical, evaluative, critical and creative thinking skills – all of which fit well into our Thinking School journey. It will foster an ability to be sensitive to others and be tolerant of cultural differences.


Gordon’s Sixth Form students receive a short course in the basics of politics which provides a foundation knowledge of ideological paradigms and key terms which they may be exposed to in the lead up to elections. This course will help them gain a deeper understanding of our political system as well as the values and beliefs of political parties.

Critical Thinking and Ethics

In this course students are exposed to ethical and moral dilemmas and under a guided debate assess all arguments critically. This module is aimed to enhance students’ critical analysis skill and will support and develop higher level thinking skills relevant for their studies.

liberal arts courses 2022-23  
Current Affairs  
Space, our Solar System and Beyond  
Politics and Political Thinking  
Philosophy and the History of Ideas  
Theatre Throughout the Ages  
Principles of Ethics and Morality  
Global Geographical Concerns  
Turning Points in Music History  
The Physical World