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"Good leaders must first become good servants"

Robert K Greenleaf (author of Servant Leadership)

Leadership, whether leading oneself or others, is about making things happen that otherwise would not. It is about getting the best out of oneself and helping other people to do the same.

All students are encouraged to take on responsibilities and contribute to Gordon's life through our extensive opportunities in volunteering and service. As well as helping to build confidence, these opportunities cultivate the character strengths of courtesy, integrity, diligence, enthusiasm and resilience which underpin the school ethos. 

Activities Linked with Qualifications/Training

CCF & DofE Adventurous Training Opportunities

Please click here to read about adventurous training opportunities with CCF. (Y11-Y13) Non-Commissioned Officer Training occurs during P7. Once trained, NCOs can assist with Y10 CCF activities, Army Camp and P7 shooting. 

Students who complete their Gold DofE can assist in training and expeditions for the Bronze and Silver awards. See Mr Fox/Major Balmer for further information.

National Citizen Service

"National Citizen Service (NCS) is a way for 15 to 17 year olds living in England, Wales and Northern Ireland to make extraordinary friendships, learn the skills they don’t teach in class, and create unforgettable memories."

Please see Mrs Forster for further details or visit for more information.

Coaching and refereeing courses

At Gordon’s we aim to increase the number of opportunities available for students to gain experience and accredited qualifications in sport. Students will be kept informed of any opportunities through the Heads of Sport.
Currently students in Year 10 and above can complete a two-day Rugby Refereeing course (paid for by the school) which allows them to referee school matches, whilst being mentored by Mr Matthews. Once qualified, officials will be given a ‘kit’ to fulfil their duties and Year 12 and 13 students can put this activity towards their volunteering hours for the school.
Those interested in taking part should contact Mr Matthews and ensure they sign up for Rugby Referees as one of their P7 choices.


We currently require Lifeguards to support our P7 and Saturday morning school activities. The Director of Co-Curricular will assist students in sourcing appropriate courses. If students commit, Gordon’s will cover the cost of the qualification and students will, in return, offer a minimum of 20 hours unpaid lifeguarding. Students in Year 12 and 13 who complete their National Pool Lifeguard Qualification out of school, can ‘earn’ their course fees back through Lifeguarding at school. Gordon's will provide volunteer lifeguards with a polo shirt.

Those interested in taking part should contact Ms Holmes.

Active Surrey

A number of students have the opportunity to lead and assist with local competition for Primary and Secondary schools, through our links with Active Surrey and the Surrey School Games. These opportunities are often open to students studying GCSE PE, but on occasions students from other year groups may be requested. Students receive some training prior to competitions which include activities such as TAG Rugby, Hockey Quicksticks, Kwik Cricket, Tri Golf, mini Tennis, and Basketball.
Students will be notified by the PE department when opportunities arise.

Sports Leaders

Year 11 and Year 12 students in their core PE lesson have the option to complete a Level 2 Sports Leadership Award. This is a nationally recognised qualification through Sports Leaders UK which prepares students for leading a sports activity under direct supervision. The syllabus is designed to develop generic leadership skills that can be applied to a variety of sporting situations, as well as contributing to the personal development of the individual. Sports leaders are required to complete ten hours of voluntary service, demonstrating their ability to lead others in sport sessions, in addition to attending their weekly lessons. Ultimately, we aim to prepare responsible, motivated and confident people who can lead safe, purposeful and enjoyable sporting activities.
How to get involved:
Sign up for 'Sports Leaders' as your PE option choice for the Autumn and Spring terms. Ms Holmes leads the course.

Whole School Leadership 


  • Anti-Bullying Committee

These House-based groups meet termly. The Assistant Head Pastoral also leads an anti-bullying assembly at the start of the academic year where the anti-bullying ethos is explained and, if bullying is reported, work is done to resolve it.

  • House Committees

These meetings take place in Houses with representatives from each year. These meetings occur at least once a term. Agenda items on environment, food, charity and whole school issues are discussed and passed forward to the Boarders' Council.

  • Boarders’ Council

These student meetings take place each term and are chaired by the senior prefect team. Agenda items are collated from all the Houses and discussed by representatives, including the student Head of each House, at the meeting. Accepted proposals are then fed back to Houses for action.

  • Student Governors

This is chaired by a staff governor and attended by an elected student governor from each House. Proposals agreed at each of the Councils above are  further discussed for review and reflection before final ratification.

  • Sixth Form Committee

This is comprised of two Y12 students and one Y13 from each House, with a Chairman who has been elected by the students themselves. Meetings are held once every half term and students are encouraged to provide agenda points to be discussed. 

  • Sixth Form Social Committee

This is comprised of one Y12 and one Y13 from each House. The Social Committee promote social events and are involved in the organisation and running of these, whilst encouraging participation across the student body.

Junior Prefects 

In addition to the existing leadership responsibilities within Houses, we have Junior Prefects and Inter-House Captains.

Both roles are fundamental to the running of our Inter-House competitions and will enable students to excel in areas that are of particular interest to them. We are hoping that through the added responsibility of overseeing the House entries and being pro-active in team selections, you will be provided with several opportunities to improve leadership skills such as time management which is a valuable life skill.

Details of leadership positions within the Houses can be found below:

Augusta House

Head of House Hana Godfrey
House Captain Cherry McMahon
House Sergeant Zoe Harris
Inter-House Captain Hana Godfrey
Senior Prefects Elisha Powell, Sophie Dove, Cherry McMahon, Olivia Masser, Monica Prachasuk, Zoe Harris, Caoimhe Denning,
Katie Cusdin, Laila Pell
Junior Prefects Charmaine Cheung, Amy Dove, Jiaa Hamal, Chisom Igwilo, Uyime Ntia, Amy Maddock, Leah Webster, Phoebe Norman
Sports Captain Nnenna Oyeka
Art Captain Olivia Sharma
Music Captain Daniella Corbin
Drama Captain Katie Rutherford





Balmoral House

Head of House Cam Wallace (Residential) and Jo Fernandes (Day)
House Captain Bertie Hebburn-Heath
House Sergeant Manik Sunuwar
Inter-House Captain Peter Hine
Senior House Prefects Joe Fernandes, Rory Cracroft, Kyle Campbell, Will Hopkins, Tobi Adewunmi, Manik Sunuwar, Ryan Finn, Scott Biglin
Junior House Prefects Akin Tijani, Sid Ghotane, Nath Jewitt, Liam Mayhew, Ollie Rutherford, Charlie Finn, Josh Tyrer, Brogan Hyde
Junior Prefect Scott Biglin
Junior Prefect Jake Askey
Junior Prefect Mark Hewlins
Junior Prefect Alex Nesling
Junior Prefect Will Hopkins
Junior Prefect Noah Sempala-Ntege


Buckingham House

Head of House Alan Mackenzie and Zak Fulk
House Captain Cameron Colloff
House Sergeant James Wigzell
Inter-House Captain Matt Cockerham
Senior Prefect Chris Pearce
Junior Prefects Jesse Holmes, Torin Cooper-West and Joseph Barr
Anti Bullying Ambassadors Noah Schollick, James Mills, Joseph van Reyveld


China House

Head of House Keavy Bye
House Captain Katie Hancock 
House Sergeant Sophie Ross
Deputy Head of House  
Right Hand Marker Emily Jones
Senior House Prefects Keavy Bye, Grace Creswell, Eilidh Falconer, Katie Hancock,  Rebecca Reeve
Junior House Prefects Scarlett Butler, Evie Cottage, Emily Jones, Sophie Moody, Saskia Raveendran-Lara, Sophie Scott
Anti Bullying Ambassadors  
Year 10 Livvy Garner
Year 9 Evie Evans
Year 8 Georgina Fowler


Gravesend House

Head of House Joshua Aiyenuro
House Captain William Corner
House Sergeant Mark Fothergill
Inter-House Captain Tom Robinson
Junior Prefects Ben Roffey; Theo Lee-Clarke; Tommy Phillips; Taylor Fox-Morris; Jacob Duffin and Max Wynne
Anti Bullying Ambassadors Joey Kenworthy
Year 10 Harry Marshall
Year 9 Mack Prince
Year 8 Jacob Griffin


Kensington House

Head of House Millie Katesmark and Elin Griffiths
House Captain Esme Holmes
House Sergeant Megan Hieatt
Inter-House Captain Anna Blatchford
Student Head of House  
Deputy Head of House  
Right Hand Markers  
Senior Prefects Jess Lee-Clarke, Eve Clifford, Alyssa Kotecha, Holly McMullen, Caitlin Davidson, Nicola Barrett, Louise Enser
Junior Prefects Mia Jones, Lauren Kaye, Millie Kermeen, Jasmine McMullen, Jessica Allen
Anti Bullying Ambassadors  
Year 10 Eliza Waite
Year 9 Lauren Swallow
Year 8 Charlotte Franklin
Senior Prefect  
Senior Prefect  
Sports Captain Eugenie Cockle
Art Captain Rebecca Dovener
Drama Captain Emily Smith
Music Captain Tasmin Martin-Young
Debate Captain Fatima Khan
Swimming Captain Ella Rose


Khartoum House

Head of House David Hutchings
House Captain Connor Kirkpatrick
House Sergeant Adam Kruger
Inter-House Captains David Hutchings
Junior Prefect

James Crafford

Junior Prefect

Ollie Baynham

Junior Prefect Ethan Leach
Junior Prefect

James Deakin


Sandringham House

Head of House Adam Grainger
House Captain Tom Mackie
House Sergeant Amit Khatri
Inter-House Captain Artur Bierande


Victoria House

Head of House Zoe Davis
House Captains Katie Beet
House Sergeants Anna Rakoczi
Inter-House Captains Zoe Davis, Kathryn Beckett, Lauren Mallindine 


Windsor House

Head of House Rhona Chipanga
House Captain Gemma Wood
House Sergeants Robyn Ellis
Deputy Student Head of House Natasha Gerrard
Senior Inter-House Prefect Gwyneth Sotuminu
Head Boarder Alice Hickin
Head Day Boarder Sophie Slimm
Junior Prefect: Sports Eleanor Hing (Y10)
Junior Prefect: Arts Helena Beavis (Y10)

Senior Prefects from January 2018 

Max Beken (Head Boy)

Nicola Gilbert (Head Girl)
Dan Lowe (Deputy Head Boy)
Zahrah Salim (Deputy Head Girl)
Oluwatoni Akinyele
Katie Beet
Artur Bierande
Keavy Bye
Grace Cresswell
Zoe Davis
Eilidh Falconer
Ryan Finn
Katie Hancock
Sarah Harvey
Megan Hieatt
Esme Holmes
Connor Kirkpatrick
Adam Kruger
Rebecca Reeve
Maria Stepanenko
Ceremonial Prefects  
Tiana Stead (China)  

Tobias Johnson (Buckingham)


    Ayo Ayodele (Augusta)

Kathryn Beckett (Victoria)  

Estelle Ingram (Victoria)


    Magnus Jackson (Gravesend)

pastoral prefects  
Maisy Ellis (China)  
Ebun Braithwaite (Augusta)  
Abi White (China)  
Oliver Greengrass (Khartoum)

    Noah Sempala (Balmoral)

Rory Cracroft  


Development Office Prefects  
Emily Garner (China)  
Alyssa Kotecha (Kensington)  

  Elise Fadaka (Augusta)

Cailtin Davidson (Kensington)  
Online safety prefects  
Tia Jasani (China)  
Alyssa Tutt (Kensington)  

    Grace Keyes (Kensington)

Oyinkan Ado (Windsor)