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LAMDA is continually growing at Gordon’s.

We offer Qualifications for students in all year groups. We currently offer classes in Acting, Speaking in Public, Verse and Prose and Devising Theatre. The classes can help students develop their confidence and encourage creativity and the ability to ‘think on your feet’.

The lessons are run on a rota basis during the school day or will take place during ‘study periods’ for students in the Sixth Form. Level 3 qualifications from LAMDA (Grade 6 and above) offer valuable UCAS points which they can use towards their university entry requirements.

For further details, please contact Charlotte Medlar – Performance Coordinator at

Recent Successes

LAMDA RESULTS MARCH 2016: 1 Pass, 11 Merits, 19 Distinctions

LAMDA RESULTS JULY 2016: 1 Distinction

LAMDA RESULTS NOVEMBER 2016: 2 Passes, 9 Merits, 7 Distinctions

LAMDA RESULTS MARCH 2017: 17 Merits, 16 Distinctions

LAMDA RESULTS JUNE 2017:  1 Merit, 2 Distinctions

LAMDA RESULTS NOVEMBER 2017:  . 7 Distinctions, 5 Merits and 1 Pass.

LAMDA RESULTS MARCH 2018:  . 18 Distinctions, 9 Merits and 4 Pass.

Inaugural Arete By Heart Competition held at Gordon's in June 2018