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Understanding LMI

What is LMI and Why Is it important?

“It is vital, in an environment where new industries
are emerging and many of the most important jobs of
the future don’t yet exist, that individuals have access
to high quality labour market information and
earnings data to underpin their choices”

Anne Milton MP

LMI stands for Labour Market Information. In short, it refers to any relevant information about the current state of the jobs market. It is there to arm you with all the data you need to make informed choices about your career. LMI can include information like:

  • The industries and businesses that operate in a certain location.
  • The types of jobs that exist and what they involve.
  • How many of those jobs there are in industry sectors.
  • The skills that are currently or will be in high demand.
  • Commute and travel to work patterns.
  • Typical rates of pay.
  • Career progression opportunities.

LMI can be both quantitative (related to numbers and statistics), and qualitative (information and phenomena that can be observed but not
measured). Qualitative LMI is usually based on studies and on data such as the Census, while qualitative LMI is based on interviews, anecdotes, press reports, networks, and so on. 

Why Is LMI Useful?

The world of work is complex, even for those who have had long professional careers. Many people feel that they fell into their career 'by accident' or had to take the available opportunities rather than follow their passions. LMI helps to demystify the jobs market. It helps to take the confusion out of
career planning, job hunting, career progression, and changing career. When people have accurate and up to date information, they are better  equipped to make an informed choice and to plan appropriately. In other words, robust LMI makes navigating the world of work easier for

Careers and work-related learning

Students at Gordon’s School can expect a wide variety of activities to enhance their Careers and Work Related Education. There are regular careers talks, appointments with our independent Careers Adviser, CV workshops, careers fairs and many other activities. Careers education starts in Year 7, and continues until students leave us in Year 13. 

To find out which career best suits your personality, free psychological and career tests are available through

Once you have found a career option you would like to know more about you can use the widgets below to find LMI specific to that career.

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Skills assessment, and careers and pathways exploration is available through the Government's National Careers Service. Click on the image below to access:

LMI Bulletins



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