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Khartoum House




With the House values of “effort and manners” House Staff firmly believe these have contributed to the success of the House in terms of Inter-House success but also to the behaviour and the approach to Khartoum and School life shown by the boys. All boys feel valued and are comfortable in the knowledge that we have their best interests as a central theme.

As a staff we continue to lead from the front and this approach means ensuring we are also doing above and beyond to create a friendly and safe environment. The Khartoum House staff continue to be fantastic and all of the boys and parents respect and appreciate their hard work, as I also do.  There has also been no change in the staffing over the last four years which has given the House great consistency.

Life is always busy in Khartoum and there are regular competitions and events happening from putting games, pool competitions, FIFA games, bingo or cup-stacking and it is an excellent way for all the pupils to be involved. Members of the House are regularly seen participating in the wider society around School and this something which is very pleasing, may it be sport, music or drama.

Khartoum has won many Inter-House competitions in swimming, cross country, rowing and music, where all of the boys have demonstrated a will to win and also the ability to work as a team to encourage and support each other. It is always pleasing that every boy in the House has represented Khartoum in an Inter-House event. The introduction of an Intra-House competition has improved the responsibility of the Sixth Form students and the activities have been good fun and highly competitive!

A word from the students:

The fun that we have in the House is great, and we are proud of our reputation for being sporting, competitive and fair in pursuit of success.

Team spirit in the House is second to none, and we are determined to win all sporting, musical and drama competitions every year.

 Head of House Contact Details:

Head of House: Mr Chris Davies
Office Phone: 01276 859711
Address: Khartoum House, Gordon’s School, West End, Woking, Surrey GU24 9PT

 House Staff:

Deputy Head of House: Ms H Shires
House Assistant: Mrs V Mosdell
House Tutors: Mrs V Genetay, Mrs R Suarez, Mr R Olden
Associate House Tutors: Miss K Moore, Mr P Schofield

 student Positions of Responsibility:

Student Head of House: Tate Pilgrim
Student House Captain: Connor Kirkpatrick
House Sergeant: Adam Kruger

Inter-House Captain: Adam Kruger and Connor Kirkpatrick
Music Prefect: Andrew Brown and Bene Robinson
Art Prefect: Dan Farrow and Tate Pilgrim
Drama Prefect: Alex Duke
Swimming Prefect: Dave Hutchings
Rugby Prefect: Andrew Sadler
XC Prefect: Callum Denham
Football Prefect: Ben Jones
Rowing Prefect: Dave Hutchings
Orienteering Prefect: Dave Hutchings
Tug of War Prefect: Dave Hutchings
Cricket Prefect: Dan Farrow

Senior Prefects: Adam Kruger and Connor Kirkpatrick
Junior Prefects: Raj Bhamra, Tony Nikolov, Corum Nott and James Wigzell

Peer Mentors: Ben Hancock, Rehan Banga and Alfie Cornwall

House Commmittee
Year 7: Jack Brinkman
Year 8: Freddie Jackson
Year 9: Stevie Gerrard         
Year 10: Lewis Broderick
Year 11: Tony Nikolov
Year 12/13: Tate Pilgrim