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Key Stage Four Scholars Programme

At Key Stage Four, students are starting to understand where their academic passions lie. At this level, students continue to undertake a range of activities to enhance their academic accomplishment and encourage a love of learning. Like Key Stage Three, these activities are themed into: Watch, Read, Listen, Write, Create and Do, and cover all academic subjects. Students choose a minimum of three to complete each half-term and will earn points and therefore rewards.  Students are responsibile for logging their activities which will be overseen in bi-weekly meetings with Miss Weeks. These meetings also offer a chance to discuss and reflect on their chosen academic activities. These sessions will also include opportunities to enhance students critical thinking skills. 

For Year 10, they will embark on a group research project after October half-term. These can be based on the skills they have learnt throughout the term, or on a topic of their choice that extends beyond the curriculum. The reports will be 2000 words and students will also create a presentation to deliver to their fellow Scholars in the Summer term 2024. This project has been designed to stretch and challenge Year 10 students and requires them to carry out independent research on a topic. Previous Scholars and EPQ students in Year 13 will also be able to mentor the process. 

Potential titles could include:

Are people with dissociative identity disorder aware of the existence of their other alters? 

Is artificial intelligence changing humans for better or worse?

Has social media had a positive or negative impact on social skills within teens in the past few decades? 

Is Amazon having an positive or negative impact on climate change?


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