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Kensington House


"Ad Vitam"

Kensington House was opened in May 2000 by the Earl of Wessex. It is “home” to 92 girls aged 11-18. The girls arrive in the morning to prepare themselves for their day, relax during breaks and can stay to do their prep. As a House, we participate in Inter-House activities and competitions which are always fiercely fought across the school. Last year we won the Bunbury Cup for the highest number of diary stamps. 

Kensington girls are involved in all aspects of Gordon’s life: sport, drama, art and music, just to name a few. They enjoy a variety of social activities including Christmas parties, Easter Egg Hunts and Summer parties. There are regular cake sales which are always popular when raising money for charity or Duke of Edinburgh's Gold Award expeditions.

Within the House, there are a range of games, DVDs and sports equipment to help the girls relax. The Sixth Formers have shared study rooms equipped with computers for private study, and prep for the rest of the House takes place in a classroom, also equipped with computers.

We pride ourselves on being a friendly House where the girls are very supportive of each other. We have Peer Mentors and older girls with responsibilities for looking after the younger girls and, of course, approachable House Tutors.

Congratulations to two Kensington girls, Zara van Zyl for her first solo flight at Air First, Blackbushe Airport, on Sunday 4th December and to Darcy Watson who not only won her class at the recent Woking Music Festival but has also won ‘The Most Promising Young Actor Award’ for 2016. We are very proud of Zara and Darcy, who are thoroughly representing the talent in Kensington.

 Head of House Contact Details:

Head of House: Ms Kate Connery
Office Phone:  01276 859710
Address:  Kensington House, Gordon's School, West End, Woking, Surrey GU24 9PT

 House Staff:

Deputy Head of House : Mrs D Heathcote
House Tutor: Mrs C Sims, Miss M Cottam
Associate House Tutors: Miss R Ali, Miss H Cotton
House Assistants: Mrs J Hollingdale, Mrs J Jordan
House Keeper: Mrs M Jabeen


 student Positions of Responsibility:

House Captains: Lexi Genetay
House Sergeants: Poppy Colloff
Student Head of House:  Lexi Genetay
Deputy Head of House: Zara van Zyl
Right Hand Marker: Grace Keyes and Chloe Hollis
Inter-House Captain: Poppy Colloff
Senior Prefects: Rebecca Dovener, Emily Smith, Poppy Colloff and Amber Weir
Junior Prefects: Dina Khan, Amber McMullen, Alyssa Kotecha, Nuria Gomez-Martin
Sports Captain: Eugenie Cockle
Art Captain: Rebecca Dovener
Drama Captain: Emily Smith
Music Captain: Tasmin Martin-Young
Debate Captain: Fatima Khan
Swimming Captain: Ella Rose

Chair of senior Common Room: Evi Richardson

Inter-House Years Prefect: Year 11: Grace Keyes, Year 10: Daisy Kenworth, Year 9: Tilly Phillips, Year 8: Lauren Swallow, Year 7: TBC

Committee Representatives

House Committee:   Chair: Amy Beet Year 13
Emily Smith Year 12 & Katie Norgate Year 13
Erin King & Amelia Baldwin Year 11
Dina Khan & Ella Rose Year 10
Emma Cohen & Sas Pearce Year 9
Jessica Franklin & Darcy Watson Year 8
Mamie Griffiths & Daisy Richardson Year 7

Environment Prefects: Isobel Lewis and Bel Lowe

Charity Committee: 
Zara van Zyl
Vice-Chair: Amber McMullen
Sixth Form: Rebecca Dovener and Megan Hieatt
Year 11: Nuria Gomez-Martin, Alyssa Kotecha and Holly McMullen
Year 10: Isobel Lewis and Sas Pearce
Year 9: Darcy Watson and Ann Robinson
Yar 8: Isabelle Fleming and Lauren Kaye
Year 7: Isabelle Wilson and Isabelle Gardner

Peer Mentors:  
Sixth Form:  Rebecca Hales and Esme Holmes
Year 11: Grace Keyes
Year 10: Daisy Kenworthy
Year 9: Keira Kotecha
Year 8: Isabelle Fleming

Year 7 Prefect and Mentor: Chloe Hollis

Sixth Form Open Morning Prefects
Rebecca Dovener, Maria Stepanenko, Nicola Gilbert and Lily Larsimont

Parent Tour Guides: Autumn First Half Term

Year 9: Keira Kotecha. Eliza Waite, Aimee Holland, Jess Franklin, Ann Robinson and Darcy Watson
Year 8: Mamie Griffiths, Isabelle Fleming, Daisy Richardson and Connie Carr