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Kensington House


"Ad Vitam"

Kensington House was opened in May 2000 by the Earl of Wessex. It is “home” to 92 girls aged 11-18. The girls arrive in the morning to prepare themselves for their day, relax during breaks and can stay to do their prep. As a House, we participate in Inter-House activities and competitions which are always fiercely fought across the school. Last year we won the Bunbury Cup for the highest number of diary stamps. 

Kensington girls are involved in all aspects of Gordon’s life: sport, drama, art and music, just to name a few. They enjoy a variety of social activities including Christmas parties, Easter Egg Hunts and Summer parties. There are regular cake sales which are always popular when raising money for charity or Duke of Edinburgh's Gold Award expeditions.

Within the House, there are a range of games, DVDs and sports equipment to help the girls relax. The Sixth Formers have shared study rooms equipped with computers for private study, and prep for the rest of the House takes place in a classroom, also equipped with computers.

We pride ourselves on being a friendly House where the girls are very supportive of each other. We have Peer Mentors and older girls with responsibilities for looking after the younger girls and, of course, approachable House Tutors.

 Head of House Contact Details:

Head of House: Ms Kate Connery
Office Phone:  01276 859710
Mobile: 07825 012852
Address:  Kensington House, Gordon's School, West End, Woking, Surrey GU24 9PT

 House Staff:

Deputy Head of House : 
House Tutor: Mrs C Sims, Mrs V Genetay, Mrs R Otero
Associate House Tutors: Mrs K Nash, Miss K Armstrong
House Assistants: Mrs J Hollingdale, Mrs J Jordan
House Keeper: Mrs V Digby


 student Positions of Responsibility:

Head of House:  E Kircher & N Chaffe

Student Governer: E Kircher
House Captain: K Vijayakumar
House Sergeant: O Hill
Right-hand Marker: A Pewter
Drill Sergeant: M Money, C Meaney

Senior House Prefect: M Hudson, G Carr, A Phelps, D Watson
Junior Prefects: E Bailey, C Franklin, H Fuller, A Kermeen

Anti-bullying Ambassadors:
Year 8:
J Robinson
Year 9: A Pewter
Year 10: D Richardson