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Gordon’s School has always had an international flavour due to our many and varied overseas students. We also have a fascinating international history to draw on in the career and travels of General Gordon himself.

Therefore, it’s no surprise that Gordon’s has embraced the international spirit and embarked upon an 'International Programme' to help our students learn and understand the wider world and to embrace the cultural differences that make it so fascinating. As a backdrop to this, Gordon’s will be encouraging our subject departments to undertake internationally themed activities and study across all year groups, as well as spreading our enthusiasm to the wider community. Many of our activities will have a connection to China in order to help us celebrate our new partnership with Shanghai Caoyang High School (which you can read more about below), and many of them will be centred on environmental activities as we wish to put these things at the heart of our International Relations Programme. Watch this space to see what we have been doing and where our students’ interests have taken them!

International School Award

Gordon’s School has been awarded the British Council’s prestigious International School Award. Please click here for more information.

Foreign Exchange Programme


In French we do a Year 9 exchange with the Collège André Malraux, which is in Cagnes-sur-Mer; a suburb of Nice.  The exchange started two years ago and in March 2016 we welcomed 21 students and took 19 Year 9 students to France in May half term.  For 2017, we welcomed 20 French students in March and will be taking 14 back to visit them in May half term.


The German Exchange started in June 2014 and has been going from strength to strength. We run it with the Lise-Meitner-Gymnasium in Königsbach-Stein in Baden-Württemberg after a former student contacted Mr Depoix about starting the programme after they completed a year as a Language Assistant in 2012-13. It is primarily for KS4 students but Sixth Form students are also welcome to take advantage of the fantastic opportunities the exchange programme provides.

Students come from Germany at the end of June to sample the delights of Annual and Britain in the summer. Our students then travel there in December to sample the delights of the Christmas markets and Germany in the winter! From humble beginnings, we now run the exchange jointly with Woking High School and we hope this will continue for as long as possible.

Click here to see more photos from our German Exchange 2019.

Gordon’s School Festival of Chinese Arts 2016

For the third year in a row, we were very happy to welcome 60 Year 6 Holy Trinity pupils and a number of staff members to Gordon’s School on a somewhat showery Tuesday 14th June. Thankfully the weather cooperated enough at key moments to ensure no one got soaked!

In what has become something of a new tradition, students were treated to a plethora of events during the day to learn about all things Chinese. The Art department, led by Miss Antolik, organised a fantastic dragon-making session with some very impressive dragon puppets, which were made in just one hour. Mrs Culham in Food Tech organised a wonderful spring roll making lesson, with tasty results! Mrs Blaine laid on a fascinating music lesson for the students where they learnt to play traditional Chinese instruments, including Chinese flutes and moon guitars, alongside Western instruments like the violin. In their Introductory Mandarin lesson, Mr Depoix taught the basic greetings and how to count to 10. Some students could manage to do this after just one lesson, which is a pretty impressive achievement! We also gave ourselves some traditional Chinese names for a bit of fun at the end.

After, we all moved into the Dining Hall where we were really taken with a performance of a Lion Dance, which six Year 9 girls had learnt in 30 minutes, courtesy of the Chinese Association of Woking. 

There are lots of people to thank, including the teachers mentioned above but also the twenty plus students from across Years 8, 9 and 10 who willingly gave of their time to help out in the various activities and ensure that the pupils had a great learning experience.

The Catering Team are also due a big thank you for laying on an early lunch for the students and providing drinks and snacks at break time. Thanks also to Mr Campbell for taking some wonderful photos which are all available to view on the school website under International Relations tab.

See you all again in 2017!

Mr Depoix (aka Fei Long – Flying Dragon!)

Thai Students Visit Gordon's

In April 2015, a group of six Thai students came to visit Gordon’s School for the day. The six students are in the United Kingdom to improve their English and learn about our country. As part of their programme, they wanted to visit a school in the UK and we were happy to oblige. We used our “international group” of students, who are all learning Mandarin in Period 7 to act as buddies for the day. DuringPperiod 1, the Thai students had a tour of the school with their new friends and spent the rest of the day shadowing them in lessons. They saw a great variety of subjects and we must extend a big thank you to all of the teachers involved for being so welcoming.

In Period 7, the Thai students gave us a cultural presentation on their country and taught our students basic greetings and counting 1-99 in Thai. We even staged some bartering games so that students could haggle in Thai! At the end, Gordon’s presented some gifts to their Thai counterparts before finishing with photos in front of the Camel and a souvenir gift book presented by Sue Stafford, Elaine Powell and Guy Howle from Universal Training before some heart-felt goodbyes.

It was clear that the students had bonded over the course of the day and it was lovely to see young people from opposite sides of the world connecting with each other.

The students that took part were:

Y7 Oliver Blackwell -  *Mr Tawit Treputharat (just 13) (*brother and sister)
Y8 Tia Jasani (CH) - Ms Romteera Marithida (13)
Y9 Artur Qadir - Ms Pacharanan Marittida (15)
Y9 Harvey Lewis - Ms Yanisa Mahittikul (14)
Y9 Tom Mackie - Mr Opas Leethong-In (15)
Y9 Maya Patel (CH) - *Ms Tamisa Treputharat (14) (*brother and sister)
Y11 Stefan Henden - spare if needed




Ms Romteera Marithida

Aom (pronounced Om)


Mr Opas Leethong-In



Ms Yanisa Mahittikul



Ms Pacharanan Marittida

Aey (pronounced Aoey)


Ms Tamisa Treputharat



Mr Tawit Treputharat



Video: Festival of Chinese Arts 2014

China Exchange Programme

Gordon’s School has successfully made a partnership agreement with Shanghai Caoyang High School. Following a visit by Miss Pierce to Shanghai at Easter 2013, a reciprocal visit was undertaken in December 2013 by Miss Annie Liu, International Co-ordinator at Caoyang School.

A number of cross-curricular activities within Gordon’s have been discussed as well as several ideas for inter-school projects. The intention is to embed these into the curriculum over the coming terms.

Additionally, a group of 12 Year 8 and 9 students have joined the Exchange Programme with a view to visiting China in the spring of 2016. These students will take part in Period 7 Mandarin lessons and get involved with various inter-school activities with Caoyang High School. 

Our Partnership School


In April 2013, Miss Pierce visited Shanghai Caoyang Senior High School through our connection to ‘Surrey links with China’ and the British Council.  Shanghai Caoyang Senior High School is a secondary school for 11-18 year olds about 30 minutes from the centre of Shanghai. They offer boarding places for any student who requires it across the year groups, although relatively few students take up this offer and those that do mostly go home at weekends. The school has an excellent academic record and is a good fit for Gordon’s, with students keen to achieve both academically and in their extra-curricular pursuits.

Caoyang School was friendly, welcoming and forward thinking and they are clearly keen to explore all aspects of a partnership agreement with Gordon’s. Their hospitality was outstanding and Miss Pierce was treated as an honoured guest, with respect and deference.  There were visits to a Buddhist temple, an antiques market, a traditional Chinese village, ancient Chinese imperial gardens and the more modern side of Shanghai city.

Looking ahead, we are offering Mandarin lessons to a select group of students as well as asking departments to consider how they could connect with Caoyang High School.  We were also pleased that Caoyang was able to send a representative to Gordon’s as part of a delegation of Chinese teachers who visited Surrey in late 2013. Altogether, our partnership with Caoyang looks set to be extremely beneficial to both Gordon’s students and those in Shanghai. We are looking forward to being able to offer a variety of cooperative activities in the coming years as well as an eventual exchange between our students in 2016.