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At Gordon’s we are proud of our high expectations and opportunities provided to ensure our students are world class and have the ability to apply themselves to a variety of challenges that enable them to distinguish themselves from their peers. 

Students across all key stages are given the chance to take part in a range of services, both in and out of school, that encourage them to develop their leadership skills and character strengths, in order to become successful future leaders.

We aim to nurture, cultivate and inspire students by empowering them, promoting a ‘can I?’ ethos. Students are guided through a variety of initiatives that encourage them to become independent, empowered and active, global citizens. 

Opportunities are available across all aspects of school life from Year 7 upwards. In some cases, staff will select the most appropriate leader e.g. team captain but there are many other opportunities for students to volunteer and to become involved. Students have the opportunity to contribute to the life of their House, to the school as a whole extending to work in the community.

Identified team:

Institute of Leadership & Management: Level 2 - Award in Young Leaders

  • Head Boy / Girl
  • Deputy Head Boy / Girl
  • Senior Prefects
  • Junior Prefects

Identified goals:

100% pass rate for ILM Level 2 (2016/17 cohort)

Year 10:

  1. Phoebe Norman
  2. Emily Jones
  3. Joshua Deakin
  4. Owen Carter
  5. Uyime Ntia
  6. Isobel Lewis
  7. Lottie Henden
  8. Brogan Hyde

Year 11:

  1. Oliver Henderson
  2. Tia Jasani
  3. Joel O’Brien
  4. Amber McMullen
  5. Rajan Singh Bhamra
  6. Cameron Colloff

Increase National Citizen Service numbers

Key Dates (dates TBC):