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Healthy EATING

At Gordon’s we understand the importance of a healthy, balanced diet for students.

It is our priority to ensure each student, regardless of their food requirements or preferences, can enjoy a variety of freshly prepared meal options every mealtime. A day in the life of a Gordon’s student is a very busy and active one, so our aim is to provide a menu that can fuel productivity and enhance concentration.

During the summer of 2013, the dining hall underwent a brand new makeover and since, the Catering Department at Gordon's has been able to offer students, staff and visitors an improved range of delicious menus.

we are a nut free school

Lunch and Supper Menus 

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Please click here for information regarding the Gordon's School Food Safety Policy.

Our award-winning catering team are now providing weekly recipes of the most popular dishes served at school for students to enjoy at home with their families.