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Gordon’s came to define me. As a boarder you don’t simply attend lessons – you become woven into the fabric of the School and, in turn, it shapes your outlook for years to come...

Tom Beetham (2004-2011)

Gordon's School alumni are known as the gordonians 

When established, the Gordonians operated as a separate association with a chargeable annual membership. However, as it became increasingly clear that many Gordonians felt excluded from Gordonian and School activities due to the subscription structure as well as the will to include all alumni within the Gordon Community, in June 2019 existing Members voted in favour of dissolving the Association. From January 2020, management of Gordon’s alumni relations and activities moved into the School community, specifically the Development Team within The Gordon Foundation. We are confident that this change, particularly removing a paid annual membership, will encourage all Gordonians to feel part of the community regardless of their circumstances.

With the agreement of the membership, management of Gordonian funds has been transferred, with appropriate restrictions, to The Gordon Foundation, with oversight provided by the new Gordonian Advisory Panel. An important function of this Panel is also to oversee the funding and allocation of the provision of the Gordonian Awards, funded from Gordonian funds.    

We are delighted to welcome Gordonians back to the School, due to Safeguarding please let us know in advance if you plan to come to Gordon's and would like a tour. This can be done via 01276 858084 or via email to


A MESSAGE FROM reverend Denis Robinson, House Master from 1980-1991, Assistant School Chaplain 1991-1994 and School Chaplain 1994-2017 

'When I was appointed at the then Gordon Boys' School in 1980 the Prospectus stated it was a state boarding school run on public school lines for 250 boys 11-16. In my 37 years at Gordon's I was involved in the many positive changes and modernisation that have contributed to its outstanding success.

I urge you to make renewed contact with your old School that you can be proud to have been part of.

Do stay connected with your old school, it's part of your life story.

Make plans for 2033 especially, when we can celebrate the 200th Anniversary of Gordon's birth when hopefully King Charles or his son visit as did our Patron in 1985. If for instance it's 11 years since you left, reflect on how quickly the time has gone by and get in touch. God willing I'll be there!

Every blessing, the Reverend Denis Robinson'.


'I attended the school between 1975 and 1980 (7918, China House). I was recently invited to join the Advisory Panel ensuring funds raised by 'Old Gordonians' are used to best effect. I am particularly interested in ensuring that financial awards continue to be given to those showing the most talent, but also with the greatest need. 

Since moving back to the area it has been a great pleasure to reconnect with friends from the school and interesting to see how the school has developed. I would highly recommend any Old Gordonians visit the school and get involved in the many organised events.'


'Semper Fidelis'

Please read the "Student's introduction to the Gordonians" below.