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The Honours Programme recognises and rewards good character through service and participation.

Rewarding those who #Bleedgreen while demonstrating three key character traits:

  • Positive behaviour
  • Hard work
  • Willingness to serve their House and the School eg represent the school and House whenever asked

How it works

Year 7

To gain Entry Level Honours, students complete the Year 7 Challenge (see below*)

All students achieving at least ten from 12 challenges will be awarded their ‘G’ Honours badge. Those achieving all 12 will also receive a Certificate of Merit.

  • Form Tutors encourage Year 7 to complete a blog in Firefly
  • Heads of House sign off (and verify completion of) each item once blog is complete. HoH ensure Assistant Head (Personal Development) is made aware of which students have completed their Honours at the end of each term. 

Year 8 - Year 11

Only students passing all three Rounds are awarded Honours.

Progress will be reviewed on a termly basis and reminders delivered in assembly. Year 11 Honours are awarded at the end of the Spring Term, all others at the final assembly in the year.

Round 1 - Conduct check. Students who have been on a Behaviour Plan (BP) at any point during the year are ineligible for Honours. NB - Truancy from P1-7 and fixtures = 1 BP

Round 2 - House nominations. Those given a House Effort Grade of 1 or 2 . Students who help out in the House and have embraced all opportunities afforded to them in House.

Round 3 - Co-curricular check. Students who have not just served their House but played a full and reliable role in the co-curricular side of school, including regularly playing for a school team if selected. Co-curricular includes student participation in activities such as school productions or MUN, for example. Only in limited cases will honours be awarded to students who do not have a full and reliable record of co-curricular participation.







‘G’ Badge












Platinum Tie

Sixth Form

Year 12 and Year 13 are not formally part of the KS3/4 Honours Programme. However, all students are expected to complete 30 hours’ volunteering per year as part of their commitment to wider school life and the Gordon’s ethos. Volunteering hours are closely monitored and recorded and must be validated by a supervising member of staff.

The top ten Year 13 volunteers (hours served over two years**) receive a voucher of recognition and qualify to apply for the Gordon Foundation Next Steps Grant. Next steps must benefit others as well as the student. The top three submissions will present to senior staff, the winner will receive a £500 grant and the two runners-up £250 each.

* Sixth Formers must complete their minimum 30 hours’ volunteering each year to be eligible.