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Extended Project Qualification (EPQ)

The EPQ is a freestanding AS qualification and is worth up to 28 UCAS points. This qualification is open to all Year 12 students and requires considerable commitment in order to achieve the highest grades.

The Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) aims to inspire, enthuse and motivate students as well as prepare them for university and other Post – 18 routes by developing transferable skills such as planning, project management, academic research, independent study, organisation, decision making and problem solving. Students are given the freedom to study a topic in depth and produce a final dissertation, meaning it will stretch and challenge all students.

Students are expected to attend all the mandatory teaching sessions every Period 7 on Mondays and meet with their supervisors at least once during each half term to discuss their project progress.

For much of the course students will work independently, although supervisors who will offer guidance and support will monitor their progress. During the course there will be further lessons to develop their analytical skills and to prepare them to write the final dissertation, which will be approximately 5,000 words. In addition to the dissertation, students will be required to complete a presentation and written review of their projects. Gordon's School follows the AQA 7993 EPQ specification.

All Year 12 students who embark on the EPQ are expected to complete the final dissertation, presentation and qualification before the end of the Summer Term in the first year.