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Examination Results

A-Level Results 2023

We are pleased to announce a set of strong A Level results.

A Level 2023

31% of entries were graded A* - A
65% of entries were graded A* - B 
86% of entries were graded A* - C

Average performance per student – BBB

BTEC 2023

31% of entries were graded D*-D
75% of entries were graded D*-M 

Special congratulations to successful Oxbridge applicants Alex and Isaac. Also, to Harvey, William and Ann who have secured places at medical school. Finally, well done to Millie and Joe who secured golf scholarships in the USA.

Year 13 Students Achieving A* and A Grades 2023
A Level Grades by subject 2023
Year 13 Top Destinations 2018-2023
Most Popular Subjects Studied at University 2018-2022

GCSE Results 2023

We are delighted to announce a record set of GCSE results:

GCSE 2023

53% of entries were graded 9-7 - school record
88% of entries were graded 9-5 - school record
96% of entries were graded 9-4

More than 80% of students achieved a ‘strong’ pass, 5 or better, in both English and maths, with 92% of students achieving the historic ‘gold standard’ of five or more (standard, 4) GCSE grades, including English and maths.

The Average Total Attainment 8 - 64.5
The Average Attainment 8 Grade - 6.5 

63% of students achieved the English Baccalaureate (EBacc), with the average point score (EBacc, APS) of 6.1

2023 GCSE Value-Added - PROGRESS 8 is 0.84 and  ALPS 1.14, top 5% nationally.

BTEC 2023 (11 entries)

36% of entries were graded D* - D
100% of entries were graded D* - P


2023 Year 11 Destinations - 70% entered Gordon’s Sixth Form, 28% went on to study at other colleges, 2% pursued alternative options

Year 11 Students Achieving Minimum Eight Grades 9-7 2023
GCSE Grades by subject 2023


These are last of the four public examinations directly affected by the Covid pandemic. Congratulations to our students and staff for their hard work and commitment in achieving a set of superb results given the challenges posed by the pandemic.

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