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Departments and Subjects

 Prince's Teaching Institute

English, mathematics, science, history, geography, music, art and MFL are all members of the Prince's Teaching Institute,  a subject-based peer network for subject leaders keen to engage their love of teaching, develop a strong department and improve results. Detailed below are each subject's current focus:

  • History - 'Promote the centenary of Passchendaele within a new SoW and establish links with the local community to strengthen this.'
  • English - 'Promote the pedagogy of Harkness within the English department and the wider school in order to encourage KS5 students to be more proactive in their approach to learning.'
  • Maths - 'Develop problem-solving resources to prepare students for the new GCSE Mathematics examination and identify the impact that these resources have had on the students’ ability to cope with the new-style GCSE questions.'
  • Science - 'Introduction of required practical activities into KS3 Science to develop students' investigative skills and to help prepare students for required practical assessment in their GCSE examinations'.
  • Geography - 'Integrate statistical methods of investigation into KS3, 4 and 5.'
  • Music - ‘Investigating how improving practice facilities, opportunities and education can create better musicians.’
  • Art - 'Experiment with KS3 SOW to create more independent responses and exciting outcomes.'