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Bursaries (Sixth Form Sport and Music Residential)

Sixth Form Residential Music and Sport Bursaries

Gordon’s School has two residential boarding places available for talented students from disadvantaged backgrounds.

These students will receive:

  • A means tested bursary worth up to 90% of the boarding charges
  • Free music or personal training sessions 
  • A high quality A Level education at one of the UK’s top State Boarding Schools

Music Bursary

Sport Bursary 

The minimum expectations for the Music Bursary are:

  • Level 7 in GCSE Music
  • Grade 7 or above in Music
  • To take Music to A Level

To be involved in school music activities including:

  • Music ensembles
  • Leading their house in Inter-House music competition
  • Major school concerts
  • Assisting in running of lunchtime concerts

The minimum expectations for the Sport Bursary are: 

  • Level 7 in GCSE PE
  • Experience in representation at regional level or above in either rugby, hockey, football or netball
  • To take PE to A Level

To be involved in school sporting activities including:

  • Representing the school in the 1st Team in at least two sports
  • Leading their house at Inter-House sports
  • Assisting with coaching and officiating at Key Stage 3 sporting events
  • Assisting with the organisation and running of Inter-House sports competitions

Note: the Sport Bursary may be offered to a candidate with outstanding promise in at least one sport which is played at Gordon’s: primarily, in rugby, hockey, football or netball, but consideration may be given to other sports where exceptional talent is evident.

All Sixth Form students need to have:

  1.  A minimum of five GCSE grades 9 to 5 plus at least a grade 5 in GCSE English Language and Mathematics
  2. The grade criteria for individual subjects as outlined in the Gordon’s Sixth Form Options Booklet 

The Application Process

Candidates will need to complete the online Sixth Form Application Form making it clear that the request is for either the Sixth Form Music or Sport Bursary.  This application form should be completed and sent to Mrs Genetay along with:

For the Music Bursary

Letter summarising their musical activities and achievements (no more than one side of A4 written by the student) including:

  • Instruments played and grades achieved 
  • Any theory qualifications
  • Details of ensembles performed or other relevant performance or composition experience
  • Copies of certification (originals to be bought to interview if invited)
  • Music specialist references from a current instrumental/composition teacher and a current music classroom teacher

For the Sport Bursary

Letter summarising their sporting activities and achievements (no more than one side of A4 written by the student) including:

  • Sporting activities and achievements over the last two years
  • Any theory qualifications
  • Sport specialist references where appropriate to back up their CV (this maybe from a past or present coach/teacher from the last two years)

The Selection Process

  • Review of letters to select those for audition and assessment day
  • Audition/Assessment Day
  • Bursary application for means testing

For Music: 

The suitable candidates will be invited to:

  • An audition day - this will involve the candidate performing a solo of their choice on their first instrument (time limit five minutes) 
  • An informal interview
  • Possible requirement to hear a piece on a second instrument

For Sport: 

The suitable candidates will be invited to:

  • An assessment day - this will involve the candidate performing in a competitive situation
  • An informal interview


Suitable candidates will be notified of their selection position, subject to requirement for a bursary with full means testing taking place to assess the bursary percentages and GCSE results.

The School reserves the right to remove the bursary at the end of Year 12 if performance is inconsistent, attitude is below the expected standard, or if the successful candidate starts to fail to meet the expected criteria listed for either bursary place above.