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Becoming a Member

A legacy to Gordon’s is one of the most welcome gifts you can make and would provide us with the opportunity to ensure that your connection with Gordon’s continues far beyond your life time as well as allowing us to thank you personally. 

We realise that when it comes to making a legacy donation, it is a personal decision which requires a great amount of your thought, that you may have other causes to consider and that your family are your priority. However, we hope that your time at Gordon’s influenced your life and career so that you may consider us also. We ask you to reflect on the generations before you whose generosity would have made the opportunities you were afforded at Gordon’s possible, the staff who helped you and how the generosity of a bequest can show your gratitude, ensuring similar opportunities to future students; your generosity can affect so many lives, even after you are gone.

Supporting future generations of Gordonians is at the forefront of our minds and we are always look for ways to secure our future and to find ways to sustain the world-class education Gordon’s is known for; to help students grow into considerate, forward-thinking, open-minded, and intelligent young people which your generosity can help us to continue.

If you would like to make a bequest but would prefer not to disclose who you are, we of course honour your wishes and exercise discretion and anonymity. If you have a specific cause you wish your legacy to support then we would comply with your wish; we can also suggest a cause should you not have anything specific in mind and if a bequest is for general funds, we would interpret this as for bursary funds. Whatever it is you wish from your legacy donation, we would honour your generosity in whatever way you direct. 

Those Gordonians  who inform us they have named Gordon’s as a beneficiary in their Will are invited to be a member of The 1885 Society; a group of individuals who have committed to the School’s progress well into the future. Membership is discreet and anonymity will be respected if wished. An annual event will acknowledge the generous support, keep members up to date with on-going progress at the School and encourage and welcome new members.

We appreciate that making a bequest to Gordon’s is a very personal decision, but we do hope you will inform us of your intentions so we can thank you for your kindness. If you require any further information, guidance or have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us by emailing Jemma Moreau, Head of Development at or telephoning 01276 858084.