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Augusta House


Augusta is a very caring House where we try to ensure that everyone feels welcome and valued. The staff are always available to students and the girls are encouraged to work to the best of their ability, support each other and to have fun.

Originally the hospital for the Gordon Boys’ Home and the first girls’ boarding house, it is currently home to about 86 full, weekly and day boarders aged 12-18. Years 8–10 are in dormitories in the Main House and Years 12-13 in two-bedded study bedrooms in the extension. There are common rooms for the girls to relax in and facilities for making snacks. There are trips and social events and plenty to do in free time after school and at weekends.


houseparent contact details:

Houseparents: Mr D and Mrs A Mathews
Office: 01276 859716
House Mobile: 07826 867983
Address: Augusta House, Gordon's School, West End, Woking, Surrey, GU24 9PT

House Staff:

Assistant Head of House/Tutor: Mrs D Kotecha
House Tutor: Mrs R Otero
House Tutor: Miss V Lee
House Tutor: Miss T Webster
Pastoral Tutor: Miss O Garner

STUDENT Positions of Responsibility:

Head of House: A Perriton
Deputy Head of House: N Limbu

Student Governor: A Prior

House Captain: R Gurung
House Sergeant: Y Gurung
Drill Sergeant: C Pun
Right-Hand Marker: C Thapa

Senior School Prefects: T Bascombe, C Packer, N Limbu, F Kurzburg
Senior House Prefects: C Flynn, N Limbu, A Gregson, L Hall, P Gurung, A Perriton, T Camasoko, C Chitukutuku, M Goate, A Ambrose, A Prior
Junior School Prefects: Y Gurung, R Gurung
Junior House Prefects: A Limbu, Y Gurung, R Gurung, P Rafemoyo, J Ntia, H Mear, C Pun 

Anti-Bullying Ambassadors:
Year 8:
S Gurung
Year 9: J Perrett
Year 10: T Job