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Assembly and Chapel Schedules

Our Assembly and Chapel programmes combine with PSHE to raise awareness and educate our students about a range of local, national and international issues. The programmes provide a spiritual and holistic education linked closely to our Boarding Aims (Get Active, Learn and Achieve, Give, Appreciate, and Connect) and our character values (Courtesy, Integrity, Diligence, Enthusiasm and Resilience).

pshe speakers, Workshops and Performances 
autumn term spring term summer term
Parliament Education Team - Celebrating Parliament Week Peer Productions - RSE Simon Shaw (NHS) - Sexual Health
Teenage Cancer Trust First Give Surrey Police - Equality and Diversity / Hate Crime
Dementia Friends Training Harlequins Foundation - Resilience and Growth Mindset Magistrates Association - Sentencing Powers
Surrey County Council - Pedestrian Safety Performance - Mental Health, Wellbeing and Coping with Exam Stress LGBTQ+ Society - Inclusive RSE
The Boobettes - Breast Cancer Talk Bob Tait Drugs Talk Camberley All Night Cafe - Big Sleep Out
Bob Tait Drugs Talk   Surrey RAP Team - Emotional Health and Wellbeing
Week 1  Behaviour and Academic  Expectations (HC/ HoKS) Behaviour and Academic  Expectations (HC / HoKS)
Week 2 Safeguarding (CG) Safeguarding (CG)
Week 3  Camelthorn Charity (James K) Camelthorn Charity (James K)
Week 4 Sexual Harassment (RASASC) Sexual Harassment (RASASC)
Week 5  Careers / Work Experience (SAR) Careers / Work Experience (SAR)
Week 6  Black History Month (Culture Society & KM) Black History Month (Culture Society & KM)
Week 7  Online Safety (CG) Online Safety (CG)
Week 8  Remembrance Week (Student Leadership Team) Remembrance Week (Student Leadership Team)
Week 9  Co-Curricular (JLH / KM) Co-Curricular (JLH / KM)
Week 10  Anti-Bullying (SMF & Anti-Bullying Ambassadors) Anti-Bullying (SMF & Anti-Bullying Ambassadors)
Week 11  Bounce Don't Break & Mental Resilience (JB) Bounce Don't Break & Mental Resilience (JB)
Week 12 Medical Awareness (JU) Medical Awareness (JU)
Week 13  International Human Rights (AE) International Human Rights (AE)
pshe events - 2022-2023
Date Year Group Subject
Wednesday 13th October Year 11 Gordon's Sixth Form
Wednesday 23rd November Year 10 Dr Aric Sigman: Soft Drugs
Wednesday 23rd November Year 11 Dr Aric Sigman: Preparing for Exams
Wednesday 7th December Year 11 Emma Cole: Positive Voice
Wednesday 8th February Year 10 National Apprenticeship Week
Wednesday 8th February Year 11 National Apprenticeship Week
Wednesday 15th March Year 11 EPIC Risk: Gambling Awareness


chapel services 
week michaelmas term 
  The Ten commandments - a guide for living well
Week 1 Introduction to the Big Ten (Exodus 20: 1, 3-17)
Week 2 Don’t covet other people’s possessions or lives. (21st UN Peace Day)
Week 3 Don’t lie (26th Rosh Hashanah Jewish Festival)
Week 4 Don’t steal (5th October Yom Kippur Jewish Festival)
Week 5 Don’t commit adultery
Week 6 Don't murder
Week 7 Half Term (24th October Diwali/Deepavali Hindu Festival)
Week 8 Honour your father and mother (1st November: All Saints Day)
Week 9 Keep the Sabbath day of rest
Week 10 Do not misuse the name of God
Week 11 Don’t make idols (27th November: Advent Sunday)
Week 12 Make no other gods.          
Week 13 Christmas! The events around the birth of Jesus Christ