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Approved Medicines

Over the Counter Medicines

Administration of the following over the counter medicines by the School nurses and other trained members of staff has been approved by the School Doctor.

Ibuprofen tablets, syrup or gel

Paracetamol tablets or syrup

Simple cough linctus

Throat lozenges, eg; Strepsils

Decongestant, eg; Sudafed

Inhalants, eg; Olbas Oil, Vicks

Eye Drops, eg; Optrex, Brolene

Antihistamine tablets (chlorphenamine or cetirizine)  or creams

Anti-fungal foot treatment, eg; Mycil

Antiseptic mouthwash, eg; Oraldene

Anti-diarrhoea medicine, eg; Diocalm, Immodium

Antacids, eg; Gaviscon

Mouth ulcer treatment, eg; Rinstead


Please do not send your children in with any of the above non-prescription medicines as they are in plentiful supply in the Medical Centre and also in the Boarding Houses.

Other Medicines

Apart from inhalers such as Salbutamol and Atrovent, which students may self-administer, all other medicines brought into school must be handed in to the Medical Centre, where they will record and administer them as directed. All medicines brought in from home (including adrenaline injectors) must be in their original container and clearly marked with the student’s name, dosage and administration instructions. Gordon’s School will only accept medicines brought in to school that are approved by the Medical Centre. The School cannot accept medicines brought from abroad or herbal remedies.

If prescribed a medication, some students may be deemed suitable to self-medicate. They will need to undertake a short competency assessment and will then be given access to a lockable facility in the House to store their medication safely.