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Academic Overview

Gordon’s Sixth Form offers a range of traditional and academically rigorous A-Levels, all of which are held in high regard by universities and employers alike. We expect our students to choose four AS subjects in Year 12 and narrow that down to three in Year 13, after summer examinations. This ensures students have options and can make more informed choices for their future.

When choosing subjects, students should aim to pick ones that interest them and which they enjoy. Students should be informed that some specific University courses require them to have a certain combination of A-Level subjects. For example, a degree in Medicine, Dentistry, Physiotherapy or Veterinary Sciences would require an A-Level profile of Chemistry, Biology and/or Mathematics. For other degrees such as Architecture students should choose Physics and Maths or the more creative pathway of DT and Art.

We offer an AS Induction Day where all students can experience a subject lesson before they start their A-Level programme with us. Students should be aware that each subject has entry criteria which reflect its level of difficulty and required skills set.

Further details of the subjects we offer at our Sixth Form can be found within this section. For specific details of each course, including content and exam boards, please read the Sixth Form Options booklet.

Sixth Form students are also invited to attend additional, academic enrichment activities such as Library Lectures and the Academic Scholars' Programme, dependent on their interests. Click here for further information and application forms.