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#BLEEDGREEN - The Co-Curricular Podcast

#bleedgreen – The Co-Curricular Podcast looks at what we can learn from others within the Gordon’s School community. Every Half-Term there will be a series of podcasts released from across the different Co-Curricular sectors of the school.

If any students would like to be involved in the production and / or editing of the podcast please contact



Have you every wondered how Mr King teaches his children maths at home? Or what biscuit Chris Johnson would be? Or what drives First Team Hockey Captain Hannah to compete at the highest possible level? This episode we were delighted to be joined by Chris and Hannah to discuss the highs and lows of this year, the missed opportunities and how they have adapted to lockdown life.



Have you ever wondered what zoo animal Cara would be? Or why Arjun stay on his bike for over 7 hours? Or what motivated Josh to complete over 1000km on his bike? This episode we look back at the whole school kilometre challenge, which engaged so many of the staff and students who all put in a fantastic effort. We were joined by five students who went above and beyond to achieve some incredible distances - you will want to listen to the VERY end!!!



Have you ever wondered who wrote an Opera in Reception? Or who starred as a dancing bun? Or what film Mr Olden would re-write as a stage musical? As Staff and Students returned to school, Mr Olden and Miss Moore catch up with the Drama Ambassadors about staying creative in lockdown.