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making a difference

Can our students make a difference to you? The last time Gordon’s held Make a Difference Day, 70 students slept in cardboard boxes on the Parade Square; 21 black sacks of rubbish were removed from the school site, Brentmoor Heath and Portsmouth Beach; 41 vehicles were cleaned on the Parade Square; hedgehog homes were made; potatoes harvested; leaflets dropped and a graveyard cleared. Students helped facilitate a sports day at Tringham pre-school sports day and organised a sports festival as well as providing help/activities at the Lakeview Care Home, Therapy Gardens; Gracewell Care Home and Frogmore Junior School. They also made cakes for an afternoon tea for the elderly in the Rec. The school is now looking for ways in which to help the community on 3rd July. If you would like students aged between 11 and 17 to be involved in a project or charity you are running, please complete this form: