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Scotland Selection for Netball Player

Just 17 years old and netball scholar Charlotte Lill has been picked for both the Scotland U19 netball squad and Surrey Storm's U21 squad! Along with studying for three A Levels and performing her commitments for Gordon's, her life is nothing less than a juggling act!

“It’s a lot to find balance between A Levels and sport but I’m slowly getting there” she admits. 

Charlotte's journey began playing club netball and it was whilst playing at Wellington based B’s, that she caught the eye of a Scotland Pathway coach. Although a bout of COVID prevented her from attending an initial trial, an invitation to a subsequent training camp followed, culminating in her selection for the squad in October. 

Her schedule now includes monthly camps in Scotland, supplementing her already busy routine of twice-weekly sessions with Surrey Storm, in addition to school-based practice, skill sessions, and strength and conditioning both in and out of school. 

"Balancing A Levels with sport requires a lot of time management," Charlotte acknowledges. "But I'm gradually finding my rhythm." 

Since September, Charlotte has been a Gordon’s weekly boarder, adjusting to the school's routines and the reality of living among fellow Sixth Form students in their annex. Despite missing her family, she values the independence and preparation for future university life that boarding offers, and enthuses: 

“I could not imagine not boarding now. I just love it. I miss my family but I’m quite an independent person. This gets you prepared for university and living on your own. It’s been great”. 

A seasoned goalkeeper, Charlotte's has been playing netball for eight years and yet is amazed at her recent remarkable success surprising even herself. Initially uncertain about her U19 trials for Surrey Storm, she was astounded when asked to trial for the U21s and even more so when told she had been selected! 

Reflecting on her selection for Scotland, she confesses, 

"I'm still wrapping my head around being selected to represent a country."  

She credits Gordon’s netball program and training for playing a pivotal role in her progress.  

"The training program is fantastic, and our team is made up of the most amazing girls."  

Charlotte remains amazed by her current trajectory. While she aspires to pursue studies beyond sport at university, she is also keen to explore the limits of her netball career.  

"I'm still trying to process everything that’s happening right now and keep focused." 

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