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GB Selection for Kayaker

A reserve at last year’s World Kayaking Championships, this year, Gordon’s Sixth Form student Sienna Edwards has now made the team and will compete for the GB Freestyle Kayaking team in the World Championships in America later this year.

Terrifying to watch, but lasting only 45 seconds, freestyle kayaking involves twisting and turning under and over whitewater. Freestyle kayakers are awarded points for the different rotations they perform, along with spins, somersaults and cartwheels. Propelling their kayak out of the water results in the most points. Among the tricks Sienna has mastered are spinning 360 degrees, and air screws.

“You do need some flexibility. Not as much as gymnastics but it is helpful” says Sienna.

She starts learning new tricks on dry land, breaking them down into smaller parts before putting them all together and taking to the water. Each new trick varies in the length of time it takes to learn but Sienna is constantly learning new ones and improving on those already in her repertoire.

The news of her selection for the ICF Kayak Freestyle World Championships in Columbus, she described as “very exciting!” and she is now training in earnest for October and will attend GB training sessions as well as heading to the States and Canada this Summer to practise.

Sienna in action!