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Gordon's School is consulting on its proposed admission arrangements for 2022-23.

Proposed changes – Main School

  • Increase in day boarding places from 84 to 88 (see paragraph 1)
  • Up to 12 places in Year 7 allocated based on aptitude in Sport or Performing Arts (see paragraphs 2 and 3d and Appendix 1)

Proposed changes – Sixth Form

  • Increase in external day boarding places from 20 to 40 (see paragraph 2)
  • 10% of Sixth Form admissions intake selected by sport aptitude (see paragraph 5d and Appendix 1)

We welcome your comments on the proposals. Please send them to Mrs J Boorman by 20 January 2021, by email to or by letter to Gordon’s School, Bagshot Road, West End, Surrey, GU24 9PT